Creative YouTube Prank Video Ideas to Try

YouTube is one of the biggest video-sharing and social media platforms. Users upload different types of videos on their channels, including funny and educational videos.

Creative prank videos are also a very popular type of content on YouTube. This article provides different creative YouTube prank video ideas you can use. Some of these ideas are simple, and you don’t have to overcomplicate them.

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You can easily improvise the whole prank after you have the first idea.

Top Three YouTube Prank Video Ideas

A YouTube prank is a malicious practical joke that is filmed and uploaded to YouTube. Video pranksters often post videos of people unknowingly performing humiliating, embarrassing, or “inappropriate” actions in public.

For example, a prank video might show someone with the wrong shampoo, unaware that they have shampoo in their hair. Below are some of the best prank videos for YouTube you should try.

Electric Bait Phone Prank

The electric bait phone prank is a popular type of prank video on YouTube. It is a fun way of testing people’s sincerity. The prank entails dropping a fake mobile phone (one that shocks) in a way that another person will see it.

Of course, you have your camera rolling on the side. Most people pick up the phone, thinking they got lucky. Then, the phone shocks them, and they are stunned. It is a great prank when done in moderation.

The False Alarm Prank

For this prank, you’ll need the help of others. The aim is to create an impression that there’s danger around the corner.

You and your crew need to be in the background filming everything that’s happening as you approach the unsuspecting target. Of course, you can use different tactics to fool them in the meantime, including a fake police siren.

The Pregnancy Prank

This prank is more common among teenagers and individuals still living with their parents. While recording, the prankster informs their parent that they are pregnant or have impregnated a girl. If the prankster is female, she may hold a fake PT strip to show her seriousness.

To Wrap Up

Sometimes even when it comes to YouTube pranks, there can still be some controversy. All in all, YouTube content is user-generated and therefore, there’s always something new to try out.

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