How to Check Video Description on YouTube

YouTube video contents may vary from one topic to another. This variety of subjects to watch and explore allows you to find ways to engage your target subscribers. You can do it if you know how to check video description on YouTube.

People who watch videos on YouTube want to first know what the video they will watch is all about. This allows them to have an idea about the content and determine if they can relate with it. If you properly describe your video through the description, they will surely watch your YouTube video.

This article will teach you the fundamentals on how to check video description on YouTube. You will find out ways to ensure that your text will provide the information needed by YouTube viewers. Also, it will introduce you to concepts you might have not known about before.

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What is a YouTube Description?

YouTube’s descriptions explain to viewers and subscribers what you are doing on your YouTube channel. You can think of a YouTube description as the personal introduction you have in mind.

It says who you are and what your channel is about.

You will also have your own unique signature and also some links that lead to your websites. The best and effective way to get more subscribers on your channel is to write and proofread the captions your videos.

You need to know that there are particular ways to write, organize and integrate your videos with captions.

Thus, the writing of captions is a very crucial part of your post.

What is a YouTube Video Description?

YouTube channel descriptions and YouTube video descriptions are easily confusing. YouTube’s descriptions describe what the channel is about.

On the other hand, a video description describes what each YouTube video is about.

You can find more about YouTube videos in the About tab on a YouTube channel’s homepage.

Below each of your videos is a YouTube video description. You can read YouTube video descriptions by clicking on the ‘See more’ button.

How to Check Video Description on YouTube?

If you want your video to be seen, you might as well have it reflect your true intention. A caveat is that if like one of your uploads on YouTube, you’ll find your video description at the bottom of the video.

It’s the last element on the page. You would stand to gain many subscribers and viewers by having a compelling description.

Despite the fact that it’s automatically generated by YouTube, you can create your own YouTube video description.


It’s really easy. You’ll find the video you want to check at the top of the search results page. Just hover your mouse over the video thumbnail, and you’ll see a yellow triangle at the very left of the picture.

Click it and the video information will pop up on your screen. Just make sure you do it before you continue watching the video.

Otherwise, you will have to wait until the intro is over to check it.

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