Easy Steps to Copy a YouTube Description

Descriptions are essential to any content, medium, and platform because they give readers context on your content.

Whether you’re describing a YouTube channel or video, it’s important that you get your details right. It helps viewers decide whether they want to spend time watching your content, and they determine whether they can relate to your video.

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This article will teach you how to copy a YouTube Description.

What is a YouTube Description?

A YouTube description is a brief summary of a YouTube video’s content. They provide an audience with a background for your video, and they also help the Google algorithm gauge your video’s relevancy. 

The video description section has a 5,000-character limit, but it’s best for users to keep their text within 157 characters. This is because the search engine displays the text [157 characters] as a snippet.

The Importance of YouTube Descriptions

YouTube’s descriptions are important to both users and the algorithm. Primarily, they provide content for the video, and they help identify the focus of your content.

They also affect your SEO ranking because the algorithm is looking for keyword-rich phrases that represent the content they’re associated with. 

A good YouTube description can boost audience interest and generate traffic for your video. This results in improved KPMs such as:

  • Higher view counts
  • Longer watch times
  • Increased subscriber count

It also helps the YouTube SEO algorithm understand the context and content of your video. This enables it to suggest your videos to users who are more likely to enjoy and engage with your content, which, again, boosts KPMs.

How to Copy a YouTube Description

The following section outlines the steps for copying and pasting a YouTube description on different platforms.

On Mobile:

  • Open the YouTube App and open the video description you want to copy.
  • Tap on the Share Link button.
  • Paste the Link on a Browser [Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge].
  • Open the YouTube video on your browser.
  • Long press on the text and copy the description.
  • Paste the description anywhere you need to.

On Desktop

  • Open the YouTube video for the description you want to copy.
  • Use your mouse pointer to highlight the text you want to copy.
  • Press CTRL + C to copy the description.
  • Press CTRL + V to paste the description.

These steps also work for YouTube comments. 

The Bottom Line

YouTube videos and channel descriptions are important because they provide context for your content and help the algorithm determine what they’re about

Now that you know how to copy a YouTube description feel free to learn from good examples. Mastering this craft will help you establish your YouTube career and extend the reach of your content.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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