New Bold Text Feature for YouTube Description

We often need to format texts to highlight important points or draw attention to the main ideas in writing. We often use such text formatting options in Excel, Wordpad, or Microsoft Office.

Now, YouTube has also launched the basic text markup options. In this article, you’ll learn how to make YouTube descriptions bold, italicized, or strikethrough to emphasize key elements in your content.

Importance of Text Formatting on YouTube

Many people might not know, but YouTube now has a bold text feature. This new text formatting separates itself from the previous stationary text. The new bold text is for those who want to make their video stand out from the pack and not just blend in.

The bold text feature makes a specific point very easy to see and is becoming more popular as it is being promoted on YouTube. Before the bold text feature, the user already had to be paying attention and take the time to read the entire video description.

The new bold text highlight makes it easier for users to spot the key point in the video, even in a packed description.

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Why Should You Bold Text in YouTube Description?

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and this is a great platform to reach millions with your content.

To promote your YouTube channel and stand out among the crowd, adding a bold feature to your YouTube video description is a great idea. Bold text is the latest YouTube feature, and you should use it if you want to draw the users’ attention and retain audience engagement.

How to Add Different Text Formatting on YouTube?

You can add special formatting to your YouTube description text or comments with just a few extra symbols.

Now you can be more creative and get your point across more effectively with different text formatting styles. YouTube now allows users to add bold, italic, and strikethrough text within their video descriptions.

How to Make YouTube Descriptions Bold:

A common question many YouTube users ask is how to make YouTube descriptions bold. This feature is now available to all YouTube content creators. You can make words bold in your YouTube description to make particular words stand out on the page.

To make a word bold in your YouTube description or comment, put asterisks around it.

For example: *YouTube* = YouTube (bold)

How to Make YouTube Descriptions Italicized:

We often need to italicize particular words to create emphasis or contrast with a text and draw the attention of the audience.

To make a word italicize in your YouTube description or comment, put underscores before and after the word.

For example: _YouTube_ = YouTube (italics)

How to Make YouTube Descriptions Strikethrough:

Strikethrough is used to revise something with the intention of leaving the initial and original wording there for reference.

To make a word strikethrough in your YouTube description or comment, put hyphens or dashes around it.

For example: -YouTube- = YouTube (strikethrough)


YouTube instituted a bold text feature, which signifies important text you have highlighted or emphasized in YouTube videos. The feature is new and is meant to highlight important concepts.

Prior versions of YouTube did not have a feature like this. This allows you to make your text stand out in a large online space. This article outlines the ways to help you bold, italicize, or strikethrough a word within your YouTube description.

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