Benefits of Pillar Pages for Service-Based Businesses

Do you want to give your service-based business a boost? An effective pillar page can help. Pillar pages are online resources that provide clear, concise information about a specific topic or product and drive customers to your services. They allow people to easily find what they need in an organized way without being overwhelmed with too much detail.

With the right content and layout, these powerful marketing tools can be incredibly effective for getting new clients and expanding your customer base. With SEO becoming more prominent for businesses, there’s no better time to make big SEO decisions for your business than now.

This article attempts to break down the concept of pillar pages and topic clusters in a way that every newbie can understand. Do pillar pages for service based business make any sense? You’ll find detailed answers in this article.

What Are Pillar Pages?

Pillar pages are like hubs on which other sub-topics in a topic cluster are anchored. The pillar page is like a landing page of sorts that links to other pages. You can think of it as a comprehensive directory that leads you to other sub-directories.

Pillar pages and topic clustering have been around in content marketing for a while. Their benefit to search engine optimization efforts is well-documented. However, if you’re unable to do it properly, it may hurt your SEO efforts.

Advantages of Pillar Pages for Service-Based Businesses

If you’re still unconvinced about how pillar pages and topic clusters can help you with SEO, the advantages below should convince you.

Enhanced User Experience

One of the main benefits of pillar pages is that they create a better user experience for website visitors.

When visitors visit your pillar page, they get a general overview of the topic at hand. On the same page, they get links to different subtopics. For visitors, it feels like having a bird-eye view of relevant topics right from the pillar page.

They Help With Backlinks

A comprehensive pillar page can help you build your backlinks. With a highly informative pillar page, other blogs and sites that find your content useful will link back to it. More quality backlinks usually translate to better search engine ranking.

They Increase Search Engine Relevance

On their own, pillar pages increase your site’s search engine relevance. The reason is simple.

When Google crawls your pillar page, you’re essentially telling Google that you know this and several other things about this keyword. As visitors move from one sub-topic to the next, they stay longer on your website and engage more of your content.

They Help You Build Credibility With Visitors

When people visit your pillar page and find a host of helpful subtopics, they begin to trust your website. Soon, your website will be their go-to place for content related to your niche or industry.

Types of Pillar Pages

Pillar pages come in different types. The three most commonly used types of pillar pages are:

  • 10x content pillar page 
  • Resource pillar page 
  • Product or service pillar page

10x Content Pillar Page

A 10x content pillar page is a standalone content hub. The aim of this type of pillar page is to deconstruct everything related to the topic. A 10x content pillar page focuses on a single topic that is 10x better than the next best content available.

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Resource Pillar Page

A resource pillar page is a page on your website that provides comprehensive resources for topics relating to the topic. This pillar page functions as a compendium, where you have access to links, images, descriptions, and other related information.

For example, a resource pillar page for a real estate website would include guides about real estate practices and links to helpful content.

Service Pillar Page

A service pillar page is useful for businesses that offer multiple services. It is not heavily reliant on long-form content like the first two types. This type of pillar page is best for targeting customers who want to patronize you.

Pillar Pages for Service Based Business: a Necessity or Distraction?

From the explanation offered so far, it is easy to decipher that pillar pages for service based business can turn out useful. Of course, there’s the need to ensure it is done right.

When deciding the specific type of pillar page to use, consider the resources available and what you aim to achieve. Do you want pillar page content that eclipses all other content? Opt for a 10x pillar page.

Do you want a pillar page that leads to other relevant sub-topics? Use a resource pillar page. If you want a pillar page that links to various services you offer, use a service pillar page.

Final Thoughts

Pillar pages can provide a unique opportunity for your service-based business as you can use multiple, exclusive resources to drive it.

They allow you to create additional, high-quality content to help you stand out from the competition. In addition, they can be used to drive backlinks for SEO.

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