Accept vs Except — Learning the Correct Spelling

The difference between accept and except is a hard one…

The difference between accept and except is a hard one to remember, but one worth remembering. When to use accept and when to use except is a question that deserves careful consideration.

How Do you Spell Except?

We spell ‘except’ as e-x-c-e-p-t. It is made up of 2 syllables and pronounced traditionally as: “ik” + “SPEKT”

One of the best methods for spelling “exactly” is to break it down as follows: 

  • Start by spelling Ex (Like your ex. Everyone should get this!)
  • Add “c” to your ex (that’s because we are not here to talk about all your exs)
  • It becomes exc. Then add -ept” to it.

The difficult part was the ‘s’. Now you know how to spell expect right!

Another approach is to focus on the word’s center. So, you know ex, and then we have peck, only that you have to replace ‘k’ with ‘t’.

Keeping these in mind will help you spell ‘expect’ with ease.

When to Use Except?

Except is a verb in and of itself. It means “to omit or eliminate (someone or something) from consideration.” The ex- of ‘except’ should serve as a reminder that the word means excluding.

Except is typically utilized as a preposition. In this context, it might signify “not including,” “other than,” or “but,”.

Examples Include:

  • “The theater is open every day except Sundays”
  • “All images were enhanced except two.”

Except is frequently followed by for, as in:

  • Except for that one question, others were really easy.

Except can also serve as a conjunction that’s similar to unless, but, and only.

Examples include

  • “Students are not permitted to leave except (Unless) in an emergency”
  • “He does nothing except (but)complain”
  • “We’d go, except (only) that we already have plans”.

To Wrap Up

Accept and except are homophones (they are pronounced the same). However, there are slight spelling differences between the two words that determine their different functions.

Frequently asked questions

What type of words are accept and except?

The verb accept is only a preposition or a conjunction.

What does except me mean?

vb. Leave out 5 minutes; omit; exclude. Often formed by:. I rarely find exceptions; I object. (C14: from Old French excepter to leave out, from Latin exceptare, from excipere to take out, or capereto take).

What is the difference between accepting and admitting?

Just acknowledging that whatever the subject matter is, is like saying it out loud. The act of accepting something means looking at something in a deeper way.

What do you mean by accept?

1 : to receive or accept as a member a gift. Two : to accept. Taking action to change. Assuming deserving, accept blame, accept responsibility.

What type of word is except?

Except is most commonly used as a preposition meaning excluding or but, as in Everyone was invited except me, or as compared to except for the fact that, as I would have called, except I lost my phone.

What is the difference between accept and except pronunciation?

Accept and except possess slightly different pronunciations of their initial vowels: accept is pronounced /k*s*pt, while except is referred to as /k**spt/.

Did not accept meaning?

Refusing or saying no to. decline. refuse. reject. pass.

What is this word except?

(Entry 2 of 3) transitive verb definition. Take or discard a number or a whole : exclude. intransitive verb. An object to take exception to.

How do you use except and accept in a sentence?

Quick Answers. Having accepted: a verb that means “to receive.” Except: A preposition that means excluding or a conjunction that means excepting or with exception.

Is it correct to say except for?

Except for (but not only) when you want to demonstrate that the statement in the main part of the sentence isn’t true. The rain made my vacation frustrating. I did all the cleaning except for the bathroom.

Are accept and except opposite?

Therefore, accept is a way to prove consent or willingness to receive. Except is used to indicate exception or not including, which is the opposite of each other.

How do you remember the difference between accept and except?

It’s because the verb form is confusing, and it usually occurs except when accept is desired. The acceptance of something is to receive or believe something, but to except is to leave out. Give something an A, or exclude it with a big fat X for except.

Are accept and except homophones?

The words accept and except are similar but they are spelled differently and have different meanings. Additionally, they serve as different parts of speech. It is the verb to receive or recognize something.

Is it please accept or Except?

Accept means accepting or receiving something offered. Exclusion means or with the exception of. If you forget to think about this, you can remember that except is the opposite of exclude.

What is the sentence of accept?

Accept sentence example. A little time should be given to her to accept the idea. To move forward, sometimes we must accept change. In spite of this, it was still hard to accept what they had done.

Accept vs Except — Learning the Correct Spelling

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