How Do You Spell Interesting? — a Quick Spelling Guide

English writing can end up too hassle for writers who don’t have that much spelling expertise. Even for the simplest words, authors like you may end up misspelling them. You might wonder, how do you spell interesting?

What Does Interesting Mean?

This term can either be an adjective or a gerund-participle verb form of “interest.”

The adjective definition intends to describe something as “full of interest” or “attention-grabbing.” You can use this when trying to portray a person as eye-catching. Also, you may say it if an idea interests you.

The list of Chinese food in the buffet seems interesting.

Meanwhile, the gerund-participle verb definition aims to show an action. It tries to say that a person, an object, or an animal is “trying to grab someone or something’s interest.” You may refer to the example below.

The clown was interesting me to watch his show.

Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

How Do People Misspell Interesting?


Due to a variation in English accents worldwide, some US English-speaking countries pronounce this word as “intresting.” However, due to this phenomenon, writers forget to put an “e” before the “r”. It’s understandably confusing, but a careless mistake at the same time.


Another confusion experienced by writers when writing this term is “interesthing.” It’s also a pronunciation mistake which can become a basis of some writers in spelling the word.

Although it’s indeed an honest mistake, as a writer, you should practice to how to spell correctly furthermore.


It’s rather a hilarious mistake as it sounds like two separate words combined to form a new one. The problem with this mistake is that some writers really depend on the way how a word is pronounced.

They do that without keeping in mind its correct spelling. Errors like this can cost you your article’s credibility, since your readers will see you can’t even spell a simple word.

How Do You Spell Interesting?


Syllabic writing of terms may help you solve your issues. By doing so, you get to dissect the term in every pronunciation of its syllables. That way, you get to learn how to write it correctly.

Read More Books

This tip doesn’t only apply to the term “interesting”, but also to other words as well.

Whether simple or complicated, you should immerse yourself in reading books to recall how to correctly write words you tend to misspell. Books can serve as your reference should you find a word hard to spell.

Memorize Words

If you memorize different terms, you may also achieve to remember how to correctly write them. Also, it’s a bonus if you have photographic memory!

To Wrap Up

Now, you know the answer to your question, how do you write interesting. Make sure to take note of the common mistakes done by writers, so you can prevent it yourself. Also, remember the tips provided to you so you can learn how to write effectively in the future.

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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