How Do You Spell Mischievous? — A Quick Spelling Guide

In English writing, there are difficult words to write and…

In English writing, there are difficult words to write and pronounce. One of these words include a term that describes an attitude of mischief. You might sometimes ask yourself or search in Google, how do you spell mischievous.

What Does Mischievous Mean?

This word means “showing an attitude of mischief.” You can use this term if you wish to refer to someone who has a playful manner of annoying people. It may also pertain to an action that causes pain or damage, in a quite humorous way.

The mischievous adventures of Loki Odinson annoyed his brother Thor.

How to Pronounce Mischievous?

Without a doubt, trying to say this word can get you in a tongue twister experience. However, you may refer to the text below to learn how to say it. As long as you’re doing your best to achieve this pronunciation, you’re saying it correctly.


How Do You Spell Mischievous?

Some writers misspell this word as “mischievious” which is the most common error people commit in writing it. The use of this English word may benefit your text if you wish to add sophistication and flavor.

Syllabic Spelling

This technique in spelling may allow you to divide the word into different parts so you can easily write it. Since it’s a long word, you can try to practice this as it can make your writing easier. Begin with the first syllable and prefix “-mis”, then “chie”, then “-vous.”


Nothing beats memorization. You can do this together with the previous strategy to ensure that you write the word mischievous correctly. You may also consider reading more books so you can get familiar of terms that are difficult to write.

To Wrap Up

Now, you know how to write mischievous excellently without the help of a dictionary or Google. Learn to improve your skills by reading books that use sophisticated language to make yourself familiar of complicated terms. Practice syllabic spelling in complement to that.

Frequently asked questions

What is the similar word of mischievous?

Here you can find 51 synonyms, antonyms, expressions, and related words for mischievous, like: naughty, sly, prankish, good, sportive, roguish,.

Is mischievous 3 or 4 syllables?

Mischievous uses three syllables, mis-chievous, with stress placed on the first ssylable: [mis-chuh-vuhs]. The word is commonly used to shift stress to the second syllable and say or write it as if there were an extra letter i after the v, making it a four-sylling word: [m.

Are there 2 ways to pronounce mischievous?

Mischievous This mispronunciation also leads to spelling errors. In addition to adding an extra syllable, many people add an “i” and incorrectly write “misschievous.”.

What is the verb of mischievous?


What is a mischievous person called?

It’s racy, roguish, prankish, delinquent. well behaved, good. 2’a mischievous smile’ playful, teasing, wicked, impish, puckish, roguish, grand, waggish, arch.

How do you say mischievious?

Mischievious: Usage Guide. It has been long known that the pronunciation mis-ch-v-s and consequent spelling mischievous exist: evidence dates back to the 16th century.

What are the most mispronounced words?

  • Cheugy [CHOO-gee]
  • Ethereum [ih-THEE-ree-um]
  • The Ever Given [EV-er GIV-en].
  • Dalgona [tal-goh-NAH]
  • Kelce [KEL-ss]
  • Shein [SHEE-in]
  • Chipotle [chih-POHT-lay]
  • Glasgow [GLAHZ-go]

What is the root word of mischievous?

Today’s Good Word is derived from Old French meschief “misfortune”, the noun from meschever “to end badly”. A verb is comprised of mes- (later mis-) “badly” + chever “it will come to an end, occur.”.

Which is correct mischievous or mischievious?

Mischief is the standard spelling for this adjective. The misspelling mischievious is so common that it may one day gain acceptance. Edited writing does not often feature this, so dictionaries and spellcheck are not yet accepting it, for what that is worth.

Which of the following spellings is correct mischievous?

Mississimilability is the correct spelling.

Is mischief and mischievous same?

Mischievous means full of mischief, meaning that mischief describes lighthearted trouble. A joyful puppy who constantly makes messes can also be considered mischievous, as well.

How do British say mischievous?

What is a correct pronunciation?

A word or language is spoken in a pronunciation. A given word or language may be spoken in a certain dialect (“correct pronunciation”) or simply the way a particular individual speaks a word or phrase.

What are other names for mischief?

  • devilry
  • espièglerie,
  • impishness,
  • (or deviltry),
  • hob,
  • devilment,
  • diablerie,
  • devilishness,

How do you use mischievous in a sentence?

Use of Mischievous in a sentence. A mischievous idea brought her out on a smile. Her smile was mischievous after an awkward silence. Blue eyes sought her father before her grandmother.

How Do You Spell Mischievous? — A Quick Spelling Guide

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