How Do You Spell Niece?

Common words in the English language can be challenging to…

Common words in the English language can be challenging to spell. You might ask yourself, how do you spell niece?

What Does Niece Mean?

A niece is the feminine variation of the word nephew. She’s the daughter of a sister, brother, cousin, or a distant relative in the second degree. The Latin term for this word is “neptia,” which directly translates to “niece” or female “neptis” or nephew. 

Writing in English can end up confusing for you. You have to learn how to spell this noun correctly, whether you’re writing a letter to a relative or an essay. The simplest words used in your everyday conversations can sometimes end up the hardest to spell.


Natalie is my niece. She is the daughter of my first-degree cousin.

How Is Niece Misspelled?

Most of the time, writers misspell niece as “neice.” It may be because of confusion between which goes first, the “e” or the “i.” Unlike other spelling disputes, the misspelling is neither accepted nor considered in American and British English. 

The only variation you can see in the English Dictionary is nièce, which is used in British English. Other than that, there are no more.

To Wrap Up

Through this short article, you learned how to spell the word “niece”. Don’t commit the typical mistakes writers make by assuming that the “e” goes before the “i.” Although it’s a common word, be watchful in spelling it.

Frequently asked questions

What is the opposite of nephew?

You are their niece if you are female. You are their nephew if you are male.

Which spelling is correct neice or niece?

When using niece, remember that it only has two spellings that might appear in English. If you use it in another way, you might think of it as “niece” or “nieniece.”.

What called sister’s daughter?

A niece is your sister or brother’s daughter.

What is the correct plural form of niece?

How Do You Spell Niece?

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