Tomorrow: Correct Spelling to Improve & Better Writing

Some words in the English language are frequently misspelled. The…

Some words in the English language are frequently misspelled. The word ‘tomorrow’ is one such word. How do you spell tomorrow? Is it as ‘tommorrow‘ or ‘tommorow?’ Well, in this article, you’ll learn the proper spelling of the word.

How Do You Spell Tomorrow?

The word ‘tomorrow’ signifies the next day. It is used to refer to the day after the present one. The word is used when referring to the near future (e.g., tomorrow’s leaders).

Sometimes, we often misspell the word tomorrow. Common misspellings of the word are: tomoro, tommorrow, tommorow, tomorro, tomarow, tomorow,

The correct spelling of the word is “T-O-M-O-R-R-O-W”. It is an 8-lettered word with three syllables – ‘TO-MOR-ROW.’ Most times, spelling errors are made in the number of “m” and “rs.” Do not write tomorrow with two “m” and two “r” or one “m” and one “r.” It is spelled with one “m” and two “r.”

Tomorrow: Part of Speech

Tomorrow can function as a noun and an adverb depending on the use context.

As a Noun

  • Tomorrow is a beautiful day.
  • Tomorrow is June’s birthday.
  • Michelle will sing at tomorrow’s event.
  • Children of today are leaders of tomorrow.

As an Adverb

  • We’re traveling tomorrow.
  • I have a test to write tomorrow morning.
  • Juliet and Michael are getting married tomorrow.

Common Idioms With the Word ‘Tomorrow’

1) …better an Egg Today Than a Hen Tomorrow.

According to this phrase, having a less valuable thing at hand is better than pursuing an uncertain something that has more value.

2) See You Tomorrow.

The phrase is used as a parting word by the speaker to the listener, stating that they will see the next day.


  • Bye John. See you tomorrow.
  • Have a great evening, Sarah. See you tomorrow.
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3) …as If There Were No Tomorrow

The phrase means “to a large extent, desperately, very much or very quickly” (as if there won’t be another opportunity). Negative and positive connotations can be evoked with the phrase.


  • Daniel rushed his lunch as if there was no tomorrow.
  • Kevin spends money as if there were no tomorrow.
  • I enjoyed my time at the party as if there were no tomorrow.

4) …tomorrow Is Another Day

This phrase implies that tomorrow is a fresh start that will bring new opportunities and better results. It is intended to encourage someone to keep a positive attitude despite misfortunes or disappointments.


  • We didn’t win the competition, but tomorrow is another day.
  • I need to go to bed early. Tomorrow is another day.

5) …here Today, Gone Tomorrow

The phrase implies that something is only present at this moment but might disappear tomorrow.


  • I spent the money my father gave me. Here today, gone tomorrow!
  • These new businesses can’t be trusted – here today, gone tomorrow.

To Wrap Up

You might have difficulties spelling the word ‘tomorrow’ correctly regardless of whether you are an English language learner or a native speaker. How do you spell tomorrow? Remember, the word is spelled with a single M and double R as in T-O-M-O-R-R-O-W.

Frequently asked questions

Is tomorrow spelling correct?

The three words “morrow” contain two rs. Use LanguageTool to check that you’re spelling tomorrow.

Can I say tomorrow’s?

If you want to pluralize the word “tomorrow,” the correct form is “toorrows”: “We hope you both will have many tomorrows together.” If you intend the word as a contraction of “today.

How do we use tomorrow?

Take a look at tomorrow’s morning photos. [M] [T] I will answer your questions tomorrow. Tomorrow I will stay at home. The school day is tomorrow.

Can we start a sentence with tomorrow?

The two are correct. “Starting tomorrow” is always correct.

How do you remember tomorrow spelling?

Mnemonic Device: Tomorrow, I will go with Tom or Row. What do I do if I go to TOM, or if tomorrow is my last day?

What is another word for tomorrow?

You can find 13 synonyms, antonyms, expressions, and related words for tomorrow, like: the future, next day in the course of time, the morrow, tommorow, day, one-day,.

How do you say tomorrow tomorrow?

How do you spell tomorrow in text?

Tomorrow can best be abbreviated two ways. They are, tmw. tmrw.

How do you spell tomorrow morning?

What does TMR mean?

TMR is tomorrow’s shortening of the word, which is mostly found on the internet. This acronym is also used in the movie The Maze Runner.

What does tomorrow mean in text?

The abbreviation TMRW is commonly used in online forums and text-based conversations to mean “Tomorrow.” Other abbrevations include: 2M. 2MOZ. TM.

How do you spell Tuesday and Wednesday?

What is tomorrow’s tomorrow called?

It’s called overmorrow. Overmorrow. O vermor*row*. n. Shouldn’t be the day after or after tomorrow.

Is tomatoes spelled correctly?

If the plural spelling of tomato doesn’t contain the letter “E,” it is somewhat understandable that people would fall in love with it. Tomatoes are correct plural spelling. Common misspellings are tomato.

What type of word is tomorrow?

We shouldn’t use Tomorrow as an adjective or verb; it functions as an adjectival and an adverb.

Tomorrow: Correct Spelling to Improve & Better Writing

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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