Truly or Truely: Know the Correct Spelling

The pursuit of matching spelling with the sound often leads…

The pursuit of matching spelling with the sound often leads to confusion and error in the English language. Any type of typos or misspellings in writing is considered unprofessional, uninformed, and sloppy.

Truly or Truely: Which Is the Correct Spelling?

The correct spelling in Standard English is “truly” without an “e” in the word. “Truely” with an extra “e” is not an alternative word, and it is a common spelling mistake made by many people.

Truly: The correct adverbial form of the adjective “true,” and it is the only accepted standard spelling in the English language.

Truely: This is not an accepted word in the English dictionary, and it is a commonly misspelled word with no meaning. The reason for this misspelling is because the root word “true” is spelled with an E.

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How Do You Spell Truly?

The root word for truly is “true,” which ends with an “e.” But keep in mind that “true” isn’t one of the monosyllabic adjectives that retain the “e” when converted to the adverbial form. In plain words, you drop the “e” from “true” when adding the suffix “-ly” to make it an adverb.

There are adjectives such as nice, fine, and wide that retain their final “e” when “-ly” is added as an adverb suffix. This is often the reason people are confused that “truely” is the right way to spell the word. But this is not true. The only standard spelling acceptable and usable in all contexts of writing is “Truly.”

  • I would truly like to meet you once before you leave.
  • Always close formal letters with “yours truly” before your signature.

Don’t misspell words in your writing if you want to keep up a high reputation with your words, spellings, and sentence structure. Always follow the standardized English spellings of words to avoid errors in writing.

When to Use Truly

Truly is an adverb with two formal definitions in the English dictionary. It refers to something being done genuinely or honestly.

Example: I truly believe our team can win the debate competition.

Also, Truly could be used to close formal letters respectfully.

Example: You must sign the letter with “Your truly, John Smith.”

To Wrap Up

When it comes to communication, no one wants to make a mistake. Unfortunately, the English language can be difficult to understand at times. And some words almost push us to make blunders with spellings. One such word is “truly.”

How do you spell truly? With an “e” or without an “e?” The struggle is real! This article comes in handy whenever you run into the confusion between “Yours truly” and “Yours truely.”

Frequently asked questions

Is truly a noun?

English adverb truth is evidently composed of the adjective true and the suffix -ly, which are used to create a adeverbs as well as adjectives (such as friendly ).

What truly said?

Those who believe, justify, or faithfully follow. 2 (intensifier).

Is it trully or truly?

Here’s the thing: Truly, that is the correct spelling of an adverb coming from the adjective “true.”. Unfortunately, it is not an alternative spelling and it is incorrect. You didn’t plan on using this one, didn’s it?

How do you use truly in a sentence?

  • Her desire to help him was heartfelt.
  • The two had an excellent relationship.
  • I will truly miss you!
  • I felt that I’d hear from Martha again.
  • Truly, we are deep thinkers, we have ambitious spirits!
  • It was a truly regal man’s manners.
  • Of course, I have no idea.

Which spelling is correct greatful or grateful?

Greatful is an incorrect spelling of grateful. It is not a word at all. Therefore, avoiding it should be avoided. We are only ever grateful when we say the right word!

How do you spell truly sorry?

Dictionary of Collins English Dictionary: Sorry definition and meaning.

Is truly a Scrabble word?

It’s a valid Scrabble word.

Where do you put truly?

It is true that feelings are genuine and sincere. Susan, you’re right. I’m sorry. Children were truly loved by him. Truly helps you emphasize whether what you are saying is true.

Are Truly’s healthy?

It’s not so short. Hard seltzer, like other alcohol, is a poor source of nutrients and has empty calories. Alcohol – even in small amounts – can increase your risk of cancers and other health problems.

Is truly a real word?

You’d say, “That is truly beautiful” or “It was truly a beautiful wedding.” When you’re really sick, you’ll be really sick. And you’re sincerely sorry for what you’ve done.

Does truly expire?

Spirits from distilleries won’t go bad in a sealed bottle or can. In fact, oxygen interacts with alcohol, causing the spirit to lose some of its flavour or weaken.

Why is there no e in truly?

Will you spell your name correctly? Truely is a misspelling of real estate. It probably came from the fact that the root word, true, is also spelled with an E. The word Truely is not a commonly used spelling.

How do you use truly products?

Why do we say yours truly?

A common way to end a letter is with yours truly. The term is also used to describe me, me, or myself informally. It is a traditional phrase in which a letter is politely ended. This phrase is similar to similar phrases such as sincerely or best wishes.

What is truly in grammar?

The EMPHASIZING TRUTH B2. I believe you are not saying what you are saying: In this time of year the river is a truly beautiful sight.

Truly or Truely: Know the Correct Spelling

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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