Can’t Spell 400? Keep On Reading This!

When you write something in English, spelling out numbers can…

When you write something in English, spelling out numbers can be tricky. Do you need to write it with digits or words? Well, it all depends on the context. We will take an in-depth look at this question.

Today, we are going to take a look this question: how to spell 400? At the end of this you will know the correct manner to write down numbers when you are writing.

Do You Spell Out The Numbers in Sentences?

Numbers increasing by ten on metal deposit boxes in a bank.
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English rules regarding this matter can be a little confusing. To be perfectly honest, there aren’t any rules in place for how to use digits. In most cases, you can use words, or the digits. We can follow some common sense rules when it comes to numerals, however.

Here are some rules of thumb you can follow when it comes to numerals.

  • Try not to write down numbers bigger than a hundred. According to this rule, we would write 400 as-is, not four hundred.
  • Whenever you’re dealing with decimals, use digits.
  • In the event of two numbers in a row, use digits for the one number and text for the other. This will help your readers to overcome any confusion.
  •  You can write centuries and decades either in text, or with numbers.

Large Sums

Here are some sentences to help you understand what we said above more clearly:

  • The construction of the school cost more than thirty thousand four hundred dollars.

This isn’t correct. Since the cost to build this school is substantial, you should write this down in digits. Otherwise it is only going to create confusion.

  • The consruction of the school cost more than $30,400.

The reader can see the whole amount without having to engage in mental gymnastics because this version is much more accessible.


  • Experts project the year-on-year inflation to be nine point five percent.

You should also avoid using this form. Here is the best example:

  • Experts project the year-on-year inflation to be 9.5%.

Centuries & Decades

Let’s take a look at another example, this time with centuries and decades.

  • I can’t believe we used leaded gasoline until the nineties.
  • I can’t believe we used leaded gasoline until the ’90s.

Both of these sentences are correct, you can either spell decades out with words, or use digits.


When you mention money, make sure you either mention the currency sign or its name. Don’t include both of them together.

  • I have $250 dollars in my pocket.

Since you have used the dollar sign, using the word “dollar” again is unnecessary. Either use the word, or the sign. Not both of them.

  • I have $250 in my pocket.
  • I have 250 dollars in my pocket.

Although we mentioned decimals before, when we talk about money it is a bit different. If we are talking about cents, instead of dollars, spell out the whole thing.

  • The bus fare was $0.50, but he had $0.30.
  • The bus fare was fifty cents, but had thirty cents.


In time, writers use both methods.

  • Check the time before you leave, the bus comes at 5:30.
  • Check the time before you leave, the bus comes at half past five.

How To Spell 400? 400 in English Words

As we touched on above, bigger numbers shouldn’t be spelled using words.

However, if you do have to know the spelling, it is: Four Hundred.

You don’t have to use hyphens in the middle.


Many people find it difficult to spell numbers in sentences because they place it after the word. Hopefully, this article addresses your concerns.

Frequently asked questions

How can we meaning?

  • “We don’t need his help anyway.” “How could you say that?”!” how could she just walk away from her children like that?
  • 2 -when something is doubted, possible, etc.

Can grammar rules?

(positive) – (negative) can be used as anauxiliary verb. Use can with another verb. How I can = I am prepared to do something. I know something is possible for me. Future: Use can to decide what to do in the future.

Can uses and examples?

We can use this opportunity to express possibility or to question possibilities: We can go to Rome in June since both of us have a week off. We may go to Rome because we won’t have to work in June.).

Can you meaning?

Taking the phrase literally, “Can you” is equivalent to asking someone if they are capable of acting. According to the person, “Could you” implies that the action could be completed under certain circumstances. The expression can you is idiomatic, and therefore it is more commonly used in terms of the two.

Can type word?

As mentioned above, ‘can’ can be a verb or a noun. Languages that she speaks are English, French, and German.

Can example sentence?

[M] [T] He is a flute player. [M] [T] Mary’s ability to dance well. She can drive a vehicle. This bird cannot fly. [M].

Can present tense examples?

When converting the tense of the modal verb, it is not necessary to change the tensor of the main verb. Swimming = I am able to swim since I took lessons as a child. I had the ability to swim. I was able to swim after taking lessons. So, when I have lessons, I will be able to swim.

Can past tense?

In Roman history, can was employed as the past tense and used when someone could do something, or when something was possible. The Roman army could march 30 miles a day.

What does it mean to can someone?

To dismiss someone from their job or terminate someone’s employment. The new accountant was promptly canned due to a miscalculation costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the event that they find out I went to work drunk yesterday, they can cover me.

What verb is the word can?

“Can” is commonly considered one of the most strange verbs in English. Verbs such as this are part of the so-called modal verbs, which are verbs that behave in a certain way, and which also have very specific uses.

Can you please meaning?

Can you please and might you please are intended only to inform someone something you want. The “please” line just after “can you” and “could you” suggests that it is a polite request. There is no difference in meaning between “can you please” and “could you please”.

What kind of word can?

auxiliary verb, present singular 1st person can,2nd can or (Archaic) canst,3rd can,present plural can;past singular 1stitute 1ster person could,2d. It’s my belief that she can solve the problem easily.

Can it slang meaning?

Is it legal to perform business in the United States? Stop talking : to shut up I wish you could just move on!

Can is noun or verb?

Dictionary definition of CAN. [modal verb] 1. Being able to (do something).

Can it be meaning?

Do you think that it exists?

Can’t Spell 400? Keep On Reading This!

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