How to Spell Celsius — a Quick Spelling Guide

The spelling of English can be problematic. The English language…

The spelling of English can be problematic. The English language adopted many words from other languages freely. The language’s vocabulary consists chiefly of French, Latin, and Greek, which is unusual for a language of Germanic origin.

As a result of its varied origins in wording, the same sound can be pronounced in multiple ways. Since then, the way to spell has not been streamlined or standardized. This is why we still have problems with spelling, especially with borrowed words or scientific words.

This brings us to today’s article’s topic — how to spell celsius.

According to the rules in English, it can be both as “C” can be pronounced in various ways. This is why we decided to dedicate this post to Celsius. What are its origins, where are they used, and how to spell Celsius. And also, what are the differences between Celsius and Centigrade? Keep reading if you want to find out more!

The Dictionary Definition of Celsius

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Celsius degree was the invention of Anders Celsius of Sweden.

The underlying principle is very simple. Anders Celsius simply measured the freezing point of water at sea level and standard pressure and marked that as 0 degrees (or 0°). Standard atmospheric pressure or 1 atm was used in this calculation. On the other end of the spectrum, he measured the boiling point of water and marked that as 100°. And that is how we got the most widely used temperature scale in the world.

In fact, only a handful of countries don’t use Celsius to measure the temperature, the US being the most known of them. In the US, another temperature scale, Fahrenheit, is used. Fahrenheit is named after Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, a German scientist. 

Almost every country on earth measures its temperature in Celsius except the United States. For example, Celsius assigns freezing and boiling points of water to round numbers, zero and 100°. If we get to negative values during the day with Celsius, we are probably going to have snow!

In Fahrenheit, strangely, the freezing point is 32°, and the boiling point is 212°.

Difference Between Celsius and Centigrade

These two words imply basically the same thing; however, we don’t utilize the latter anymore.

Centigrade is a simple word: centi means 100, and grade means degree. Since the temperature scale is measured from zero to a hundred, utilizing this word made sense.

However, the latter word was changed to Celsius to honor Anders Celsius properly.

Now that we know the basics let’s move on to how to spell Celsius!

How to Spell Celsius?

Although sometimes the word is misspelled as Celcius, this doesn’t mean anything. It is only a typo. The name of the scientist was Anders Celsius, and that is how we should write the word.

The phonetic transcription of its pronunciation is sEl-see-uhs.


One of the most common spelling mistakes made when writing the word Celsius is using the letter c instead of s. You should spell it as c-e-l-s-i-u-s.

Frequently asked questions

How do you spell Celcius in Australia?

  • celcius – 61%
  • celsius – 159%
  • celcious – 33%
  • celius – 13%
  • celsious – 13%
  • celsi – 13%
  • celsyos – 1%
  • cellseas – 08%

How do you write temperature in short form?

Temperature may refer to heat.

How do you write temperature degrees?

Temperature measurements Degree measures of temperature are normally expressed with the ° symbol rather than by the written word, with a space after the number but not between the symbol and the temperature scale: The sample was heated to 80 °C.

Why is Celsius used?

Around 1790, Celsius became part of the metric system – an outgrowth of the French revolution’s desire to unify the country at the national level. A simple and scientific system supported the metric system throughout the world.

How did Celsius get its name?

The centigrade scale was proposed by Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius (1701–1744) in 1742. A Latinized surname is borrowed from the estate’s name, Latin celsus (“mound”).

How do you write 40 Celsius?

  • PC. On the numeric keypad on the right, type 0176 or Alt+ 244.
  • Mac Press Option-Shift-8
  • iOS. Your iOS keyboard on your iPhone or iPad:.
  • Android. Turn on the numbers and symbols keyboard. All the pages should have the degree symbol on them. ‍.

How do you speak Celsius?

What countries use Celsius?

The metric system is widely adopted worldwide – even non-metric Liberia and Burma – using Celsius as their official temperature scale. Only a few countries use Fahrenheit as their official scale: the United States, Belize, Palau, the Bahamas, and the Cayman Islands.

How do you write 8 degrees?

Keypad keys for keyboard keys 0 1 7 6 and press and hold ALT. Make sure that NumLock is on and type 0176 with the leading zero. If you do not have a numeric keypad, press and hold Fn before typing the 0176 degrees of degree symbol.

How do I make the degree symbol in Word?

A keyboard shortcut can be used to insert a degree symbol in the Word documents if your keyboard has a numeric pad. Set the cursor where you want to place the degree symbol in your document. Press Alt+0176 on your keyboard.

Which spelling is correct Celcius or Celsius?

1 Answer. Hi. CELSIUS is the answer to this problem.

Is there a difference between Celsius and Centigrade?

Glenn Burns, chief meteorologist for WSB-TV, said they are alike. As a measurement unit in French and Spanish, centigrade became Celsius in 1948. The centigrade scales were invented by Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius.

How do you spell degrees Fahrenheit?

F means Fahrenheit (no spaces, no period); 0°C (32°F). Use a comma only with five digits or more in a temperature written with a degree symbol. Grady or degree symbols may not be used with kelvins: 3K or 3K.

Why does Celsius have a capital letter?

For units, grammatical rules are followed: in English and French, they begin with lowercase letters (e.g. newton, hertz, pascal), even when the symbol for the unit begins with a. This applies also to degrees Celsius since “degree” is the unit.

Which is colder or Celsius?

The air below the freezing point is colder than 0°C. The air below the surface is warmer than 0°C. A freezing level is the height where the air is at zero degrees Celsius (0 °C) or 32 degrees Fahrenheit (32 °F). If the air is colder than freezing, the air will be colder.

How to Spell Celsius — a Quick Spelling Guide

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