How to Spell Delivery — a Quick Spelling Guide

Sometimes, spelling problems can be encountered in English. The reason…

Sometimes, spelling problems can be encountered in English. The reason is that English borrowed many words from other languages without any limitations.

English, a Germanic language, retains over 60% of its vocabulary in French, Latin, and Greek. This means that the same sound can be pronounced in several ways.

There also has never been a concentrated effort toward standardizing and streamlining spelling. It is spoken worldwide, and its language differs among former colonial colonies as well.

All these factors combine to create a messy situation, at least spelling-wise. ESL and native speakers frequently misspell the word delivery. That’s why we decided to dedicate today’s article to the word delivery.

We will take a look at what this word means and its origins. We are also going to answer the question of how to spell delivery to help you in your future writing.

Definition of Delivery

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The word delivery means the act of delivering something. It is the noun form of the verb, deliver. Deliver has the following meanings:

  • To set something or someone free.
  • Take and give to or leave for one another.
  • To surrender, give in.
  • To send, transmit, or make accessible to someone electronically.
  • A synonym for giving birth.
  • An act of achieving promised, desired, or expected results.
  • Giving a speech or singing a song to an audience.
  • Sending to an intended target or destination (something directed or directed)

Of course, as always, going solely by definition may not give us the full idea. Because of this, we prepared a list of sentences, including the word, to help you out!

Example Sentences

  • Oh my lord, deliver us from evil!
  • The delivery man delivered the package in the morning.
  • I received a read receipt, which means the delivery of the email went through.
  • The delivery is set for the 8th of March.
  • He had a lot of confidence, but he couldn’t deliver the goods.
  • Pay for expedited delivery; we can’t afford to wait any longer!

How to Spell Delivery?

Delivery is one of those words that are commonly misspelled.

Phonetic transcription of delivery is di-lIv-uhr-ree.

To Wrap Up

Delivery — the act of bringing a message, parcel, or thing to a particular place, person, or group of people as quickly as possible. When you are spelling the word transportation, you are referring to delivery.

Frequently asked questions

Which is correct to be deliver or to be delivered?

Delivery date: tomorrow instead of tomorrow. Correct is “will be delivered tomorrow,” the verb is incorrectly conjugated for “will deliver tomorrow.”.

What is the most misspelled word in the world?

Accommodate. and misspelled the word “accommodate” most frequently between 1997 and 2020. According to Kelly, this word tops both lists because it’s hard to remember the C part and the M part are doubled. If both consonants are doubled like this, it almost seems wrong, but it is true.

What are the 3 great spelling rules?

Many students are experiencing difficulty with the three Great Spelling Rules (the 1-1-1 Doubling Rule, the Magic-E Rule, and the Y Rule) and often have to practice them several times in order to master them fully. The ability to teach each rule in a multisensory manner is of critical importance.

What are some examples of delivery?

A UPS carrier can deliver a package to the front door of a home as an example. Birth is a simple example of a delivery. Either releasing or rescuing. It is the act of giving birth to a child.

How do you spell words correctly?

What is the difference between deliver and delivery?

In this verb, “deliver” means to give to a recipient or to turn over.”. It is the act of delivering the item.

What are the 100 most misspelled words?

correct spellingnotesmisspelling
achievei before eacheive
acrossone caccross

What do you understand by the term delivery?

Atonement : the expulsion or extraction of a fetus and its membranes. The procedure of helping the fetus birth and expulsion of the placenta by manual, surgical, or instrumental means. delivery. noun.

Where does the word delivery come from?

Including Middle English deliveren, Anglo-Norman and Old French delivrer, from Latin d* + l*ber* (“to set free”).

How do I ask for delivery service?

  • How long have you been doing this?
  • What kind of services does your business offer?
  • How Large Is Your Fleet?
  • Do you have good drivers?
  • Can You Secure Shipments?
  • What do you think about keeping in touch with me?

How do you use deliver in a sentence?

  • It has been delivered to the office this morning.
  • On my street, she delivers the mail.
  • Furniture is expected to arrive next week.
  • Within 30 miles of the store, the supermarket offers free groceries.

What is the verb form of the noun delivery?

deliver. transitive verb. de·​liv·​er. delivered; delivering.

What do you write in a delivery note?

  • The seller’s name and contact details.
  • Customer information, including the name and contact information.
  • Its date
  • Date of delivery
  • The description of the goods contained in the order.
  • Each product included in the shipment.

What are the different types of delivery?

  • Unplanned Cesarean
  • Scheduled Induction
  • Natural Birth
  • An ultrasound-based VBAC (VBAC) procedure.
  • Scheduled Cesarean
  • Vaginal Birth

How do you spell home delivery?

  • ‘home delivery’
  • ‘home delivery’
How to Spell Delivery — a Quick Spelling Guide

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