How to Spell Unique — a Basic Spelling Guide

The English language is packed with grammar and spelling rules…

The English language is packed with grammar and spelling rules along with dozens of exceptions on top of it. From doubling consonants and silent letters to forming adverbs and stressing syllables, the spelling rules in English are indeed unique.

Speaking of that, did you ever misspell the word “unique” by omitting letters from it? If yes, don’t worry! This article will guide you on how to spell unique correctly without any errors.

Unique Vs. Uniqe: Which Is Correct?

Unique” is the only correct spelling of the word in the English dictionary. This is a commonly used word in our daily lives, but it is also a frequently misspelled word.

Some of the highly occurred misspelled variations of “unique” are aunque, uniqe, uniq, and unque. Though some sound like the original word, they are all incorrect spellings.

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How to Spell Unique?

The trick to spell unique correctly is in its pronunciations. This is a 2-syllable word: u-nique with the stress on the second syllable. It consists of 4 vowels and 2 consonants. In both American and British English, the phonetic transcription of unique is /juːˈniːk/, and it sounds like [yoo·neek].

To help you spell the word right, you can also divide the word as:

uni- (prefix) + que = unique.

The prefix uni- is easy to get right. But to correctly spell the second part “-que,” remember the rule: U always follows a Q.

The letter “q” is usually followed by the letter “u.” For instance, queen, queue, and equity.

Dictionary Definitions of Unique With Examples

The word “unique” functions as an adjective. The word unique was derived from the Latin unicus, which means “one and only,” and it was then adopted in English for over centuries. All the definitions with examples are as follows:

1. Refers to something which is one of its kind.

There must be a unique solution for this specific math problem.

2. something entirely different in characteristics and unequaled.

Among all the students, John suggested a unique project idea.

3. Very unusual or rare but not one of a kind.

She had a unique ability to convince people.

A Unique or an Unique: Which Is Correct?

It should always be a unique. not an unique. Though the word begins with a vowel, it has a consonant sound (yoo). The sound of the first syllable determines whether we should use the article “a” or “an” before the word. So, the rule to using the correct article is to focus on the beginning sound of the word, not the first letter.

To Wrap Up

Misspelled words can make writing look unprofessional and question the credibility of the writer.

No writer wants to have spelling errors in their work, and no reader wants to read a piece that is riddled with spelling mistakes. This article is a guide onhow to spell unique correctly. Keep the rule in mind, and you won’t misspell the word again.

Frequently asked questions

What are the most common spelling mistakes?

  • accommodate – accomodate, acommodate
  • acquire – aquire, adquire
  • acknowledge – acknowlege, aknowledge
  • acquaintance – acquaintence, aquaintance
  • achieve – acheive
  • Taking an absence is absense, absent, abcense, absance.
  • acceptable – acceptible
  • accidentally/accidently – accidentaly

How do you spell correctly?

What are the 3 great spelling rules?

Students often find the Three Great Spelling Rules (the 1-1-1 Doubling Rule, the Magic-E Rule, and the Y Rule) difficult, and often require additional practice sessions to master these rules. This rule should be taught in a multisensory way.

What are the 31 Spelling Rules?

  • Only after E, I, or Y, Rule 2 G may soften to /j/.
  • Rule 1 C always sulfates to /s/ when followed by E, I, or Y.
  • The words in Rule 3 of English do not end in I, U, V, or J.
  • They usually end their long sounds with Rule 4 A E O U.

How can I teach my child to spell words fast?

  • Teach your child what words are represented with ‘Lily Pad Letters’.
  • Learn certain words using ‘Stair Steps’.
  • Toss around the Spelling Ball.
  • A familiarity with letters can result from clippings from magazines.
  • You can play ‘Scrambled Spelling’ with alphabet blocks or fridge magnets.

What are the five spelling rules?

  • 5 Plural Suffixes
  • 4 Double Consonants
  • I, except After C, a prior to E. This rule follows:.
  • 3 The Silent E
  • In 2 Adding suffixes after words that end in Y.

What are the basic spelling rules?

  • Vowels accompany every syllable.
  • If you use -ck after a short vowel.
  • Two S’s are usually used to end 1-syllable words.
  • The S Never Follows X.
  • Keep your Q
  • Most suffixes will have the silent E.
  • The words that end with both F and L are called 1-Syllable Words.
  • (Most of the time) I’m Before E Except After C.

What are the 4 spelling strategies?

There are a variety of spelling strategies used by good spellers. These strategies are classified into four categories: phonetic, rule-based, visual, and morphemic.

What is the magic e rule?

At the end of a word, the letter ‘e’ is usually silent, and it tells the other vowel or vowels in the word to pronounce themselves. With the letter ‘e, we give power to the preceding vowel and give up its own pronunciation and power.

What letters Cannot end a word?

First we’ll discuss words that end with the consonant sound /v/. We are not concerned with the vowel sound here, but only with the final consonant sound. Unlike words in English, words do not begin with the letter v.

Do English words end in J or V?

How can I write without spelling mistakes?

  • Use mnemonics
  • You’ll find a few rules there.
  • Learn how misspelled words are common.
  • Identify the words you have difficulty spelling.
  • Look up the origin of words in the dictionary.
  • Chunk it
  • Sound it out
  • Draw a picture

How do you spell 40?

An exact double-digit number is four, but ten times that is 40, which is forty. The same is true in all English languages despite rumors that users tend to like the word to have a similar color (they don’t), and despite frequent appearances of misspellings.

What are 10 spelling Rules?

  • Rule 6 – If a suffix is applied, Y is reduced to I.
  • Rule 2 – The change from ‘Y’ to ‘IES’.
  • 7 is The F’ruit rule.
  • ‘I’ is before ‘E, but not after ‘c’.
  • Four tips – double up.

What are the six most important spelling rules?

  • Y is an I when adding suffixes beginning with E.
  • Double Consonants & Suffixes
  • “I” before E except after “C”.
  • U follows Q
  • The Silent “e”
  • “es” should be added after “s”, “z”, “sh”, “ch”, or “x”.
How to Spell Unique — a Basic Spelling Guide

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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