How to Spell Accommodations — a Quick Spelling Guide

English writing can get difficult, especially when you’re dealing with…

English writing can get difficult, especially when you’re dealing with hard to spell words. You might end up getting confused, particularly with complicated terms with various pairs of letters. Many writers commit mistakes on how to properly spell accommodations.

Having flawless spelling abilities as an author can benefit your aspirations in professional writing. Aside from adding credibility to your work, it also gives you an advantage against average authors. You can get ahead of them through your advanced set of skills.

Additionally, you can attract more readers and fans for your blog or book. If your subscribers see that your writing is reliable and portrays your expertise, they will look forward to your new texts. Spelling complicated words are one of the indicators of such extravagant talent.

One of the most difficult words to spell are those that have two or more consecutive pairs of letters. Watch out for such instances and take time to proofread and correct your content. Keep in mind that you’re still subject for criticism and checking.

Through this article, you will discover how to spell accommodation correctly.

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The Definition of Accommodations

The use of the word “accommodations” may both have North American and British meanings. However, both definitions portray the same idea. Accommodations are places that serves as a place to stay in during a trip.

Examples of accommodations are: hotels, motels, resorts, huts, cottages, country houses, et cetera. The term is widely used in the travel industry to refer to such aforementioned places.


Stewart said, “There are no accommodations left to welcome the distinguished guests.”

Common Mistakes

The following are some of the most common errors writers make when spelling the word “accommodations.” In fact, it’s listed in Telegraph UK’s list of words with the most difficult spellings. Yes, it came from the Brits themselves!

Brace yourself as you see the top three misspellings of the word below:

  • acommodations
  • acomodations
  • accomodations
  • acoomodations
  • acoommodations
  • accoommoddations

If you’re familiar of permutations in statistics, you might realize how many possible errors are there. The funny thing is, almost all of those possibilities are written by some writers themselves! In fact, they publish those works with such errors mistakenly.

How to Write “Accommodations” Correctly?

The “2 C’s and 2 M’s” Rule

The easy way to solve the headache of spelling the word “accommodations” is this tip. Keep in mind that accommodations only have two pairs of “c” and two pairs of “m”. If you write something other than that, then consider that as a mortal sin.

Syllabic Division

Try this tip as well, since the word has a handful of syllables. You still might find it hard to discern how many m’s and c’s to put. However, it will help you to divide the word into syllables which you can write carefully.

Read a Dictionary

Another helpful way to spell words like “accommodations” is through the habitual reading of a dictionary. Familiarizing yourself with words can help you widen your vocabulary. You will then see, as a result, how much you have improved in writing.

To Wrap Up

Truly, “accommodations” is hard to write. However, with keen knowledge and love for learning, you can ace it every time you write. Remember, learning is a never-ending part of your career as an author.

Frequently asked questions

How do you use accommodation in a sentence?

Accommodation in a Sentence. He hoped to find an accommodation with the new owners. The union’s accommodation was convinced that it would be possible. His clients were given the opportunity to change his schedule to accommodate him.

What do Canadians spell different?

Used -our at the end of some words rather than -or (e.g., colour or favour) Take -re instead of -er at the ends of many words (eg. centre or fibre).

Which is correct accomodation or accommodation?

Accommodation is exactly the correct spelling of the word that means a place to stay. It is incorrect to use the term “Accomodation” when speaking English. There are two ways to remember how to spell “accommodation” you can use: “double c” and “double me”.

What type of noun is accommodation?

Accommodation is an uncountable principle. In Rome, we had nice accommodations near the coast.

What does accommodation mean in medical terms?

In medicine, the eye can change its focus from distant to near objects (or vice versa). This is achieved by changing the lens shape. In order to keep an object in focus on the retina, accommodation is adjusted to keep it from falling behind the eye.

What do Canadians and Americans spell differently?

Canadians pronounce things differently from us in the United States: We put a “U” in words like colour and favor; Americans don’t use it. We spell theater and centre with an “are” at the end; they spell them with an “er”.

What’s the correct spelling of accommodation?’s Accommodation – Correct Spelling.

How do you spell accommodation in Canada?

The Canada Tourism site.

What is the adjective of accommodation?

Accommodating is the adjective form of the verb accommodate, and its use is to describe those who are happy to make small adjustments in order to help you.

How do you spell definitely correctly?

Is “Definitely” an adverb worth considering? As a result, it is commonly misspelled as “definately” because when you say definitely the second “i” doesn’t sound like an “i.” Instead, it sounds like “uh,” and other words with.

What does place of accommodation mean?

Place of accommodation. A place where a person or group of people are staying, settling, or camping. We distinguish between collective housing, individuals, and makeshift accommodation.

Can you spell accommodation with 1m?

Often, people get confused and spell the word “accomodation,” “acommodation” or “akomodation.”. Accommodation includes both Cs and Ms. Accommodation is always the correct term.

Do Canadians use British spelling?

Canadian English and American English are often confused by spelling – after all, Canadians use British spelling, right? The Canadian spelling uses British and American rules combined, including some domestic idiosyncrasies.

Do Canadians use US spelling?

Canadians use the American spelling. Meanwhile, British writers are gradually changing to American spelling. In Canada, the English spelling is standard, but there are some regional differences.

Do Canadians use British English?

British-speaking Canada has been heavily influenced by English, making it difficult for British English to be found in our schools, in our spelling and grammar. Nevertheless, Canada has the United States as its southern neighbour so American slang and pronunciation falls in line with American English sometimes.

How to Spell Accommodations — a Quick Spelling Guide

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