How to Pronounce and Spell Conscientious

The trait of conscientiousness is frequently linked to awareness. Conscientious people are usually well-organized, show self-control, and have excellent time management skills. They have a solid reputation for being hard workers and exceptional team members.

Being a conscientious member of a team or workforce can significantly impact. Conscientious people are “the right personality for a team.” 

They have a strong work ethic, are trustworthy, punctual, pay attention to minor details, and have a clear sense of direction and purpose. We observe them meticulously planning out their task and the minute details.

A conscientious worker can be a highly productive member of the team and, in some cases, of the organization as a whole. A conscientious person sees achievement as a result of doing things the right way.

The term “right” has a wide range of connotations. Morals, beliefs, and habits can be viewed from a personal point of view, but they can also encompass attributes learned over time.

Here’s a little history, sentence examples, and an easy spelling guide of the word: Conscientious. 

 Etymology of Conscientious

The words “conscience” and “conscientious” come from the Latin verb conscire, which means “to be conscious” or “to be conscious of guilt.” It comes from an older Latin word, scire, which means “to know.”

  • As an adverb, the term is con·sci·en·tious·ly
  • It is con·sci·en·tious·ness as a noun
  • As an adjective, the term is defined as hy·per·con·sci·en·tious.

How Do You Spell Conscientious?

Putting just an “s” or “c” instead of the “sc” and changing the “t” to something else is a common spelling mistake for “conscientious.” It is pronounced as [kon-shee-en-shuhs].

Conscientious is spelled c-o-n-s-c-i-e-n-t-i-o-u-s. If you already know how to spell conscience, ‘conscientious’ should be easy to spell by substituting ‘ce’ for ‘tious.’

Another way to spell conscientious easily is by breaking it into syllables. conscientious (where scien refers to science, remember to strike off the last two words ‘ce’)

Sentence Examples of Conscientious

  • The conscientious teacher bought the children biscuits for passing the exercise. 
  • Rich is a thorough, hyper conscientious employer. He does everything by the book.
  • He was conscientious about his duties as an interviewer.
  • She is a conscientious worker and in a league of her own.

To Wrap Up

‘I am conscientious’ means that you do a job well and take your responsibilities to others seriously. Spelling conscientious can be a piece of cake if you study the pronunciations and spelling suggestions in the guide.

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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