Maintenance or Maintainance: Which Spelling Is It?

When someone asks you to spell maintenance, it tends to…

When someone asks you to spell maintenance, it tends to take you aback. You play around with the spellings in your head: is it maintenance, or maintainance?

Maintenance Vs Maintainance: Which Is Correct?

For the record, when someone asks you to spell maintenance, the correct spelling is “maintenance” and not “maintainance”.

There are several reasons when you spell maintenance why one is correct and not the other.

Maintenance: the Word’s Origin

In this theory, “maintenance and maintainance” are thought to have two separate meanings in the original French. The English word’s meaning was developed through the process of “de-Anglicization”.

During this process the French spelling was “maintenanc”. However, over the years the English developed the new spelling to “maintenance”.

As the advent of the printing press standardized English spellings from the mid 1400s onward, the word continued in that form until today.

In this explanation, “maintainance” is considered to be an incorrect variation of the word we borrowed from Old French.

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Grammar Roots

Under this explanation, maintainance arose as a spelling because of incorrectly applied grammatical rules.

It was assumed with the word “maintain”, you would add a suffix to make it the correct form of the word. For example, normally, people would add the suffix to the root word “Maintain”.

These would form words like maintained (maintain + ed), which is the past tense. It could also form maintainer (maintain + er), or noun, the person who maintains. It could also form maintainability (maintain + ability), which is an adjective. Or, it could form maintainable (maintain + able), which is also an adjective.

But you need to remember how irregular English is. It doesn’t always follow patterns and rules, like the ones above. Maintenance happens to be one of those irregular words. Adding the suffix “ance” to the verb “maintain” is incorrect in this case.

To Wrap Up

When it comes to spelling, you will always do well to remember that English has a strange history. It has always borrowed words and rules from other languages.

Words like “maintenance” is just one of many to be influenced by this history.

Frequently asked questions

How do you use maintenance in a sentence?

(1) A course on car maintenance was taken by him. (1) Routine maintenance involves keeping weeds at bay. The maintenance of a good relationship is done by certain things that are absolutely essential. (4) The school pays for heating and maintenance of the buildings.

What is maintenance Cambridge?

This maintenance sum is budgeted to cover rent/accommodation, food, domestic bills, books, travel around Cambridge, personal computers and so on. Additional costs, such as fieldwork costs, additional bench fees, or equipment costs, may also exist. These will be noted on each course.

Which spelling is correct maintenance or maintainance?

When it comes to maintenance, it is the right word. However, due to its pronunciation, people misspell it often as “maintainer”.

How do you spell maintenance supervisor?

Is there such a word as maintenance?

Maintenance 1: The act of maintaining.

How do you speak maintenance?

What is correct maintenance?

Maintenance tasks used for correcting and fixing faulty systems and equipment are classed as corrective maintenance. In order to restore broken systems, corrective maintenance is needed. Maintenance can be synonymous with breakdown or reactive maintenance.

Why are fridge and refrigerator spelled differently?

A G at the end of a word sounds the same as the G in flag and hog. The words are usually either gestures or forgets that are used anywhere else in a word. This rule is followed by the G refrigerator. If we changed refrigerator to refrigerator, we’ll get F-R-I-G.

How do you spell maintenance in the UK English?

Since each of those words starts with maintenance-, it makes sense to write maintainance instead of maintenance for the same reason that “ai” would be used instead of “e”. It’s English.

Why is maintenance not spelled maintainance?

1 Expert Answer. Maintaining is called “maintenance” and not “maintainance” based on pronunciation. This nuance of the English language is not spoken as “main-TEN-ence” and is not understood as “Main-TAIN-ence.” This nugget of the language is the same as “managed-TEN.”.

What is maintenance Oxford dictionary?

The school is responsible for heating and maintenance. car maintenance.

How do you spell maintenance person? Dictionary, Merriam Webster, Accessed 24 Jul.

Are there two ways to spell maintenance?

Other users have misspelled maintenance as: maintenance – 6.6% maintenance – 5.7% maintenance / 5.5% maintenance.. 3%.

What is a correct pronunciation?

Languages or words are pronunciated in a certain way. An agreed-upon sequence of sounds may be used to speak a given word or language in a specific dialect (“correct pronunciation”) or simply the way a particular individual speaks a word or a language.

How do you spell building maintenance?

The definition and meaning of building maintenance | Collins English Dictionary.

Maintenance or Maintainance: Which Spelling Is It?

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