Occasion or Occassion: Which Spelling Is Correct?

People often misspell words with double letters. There are numerous…

People often misspell words with double letters. There are numerous spellings in English that are misspelled by either leaving out a letter or doubling the letter. It becomes even more confusing with the words that have doubled letters in them but not as many as you think. Such confusion frequently occurs when you spell occasion. This article will discuss the word in detail with examples. 

Occasion Vs. Occassion — Which Is Correct?

The words “Occasion” and “Occassion” are similar in spelling and pronunciation, but one is correct, and the other is not.

The correct word is “Occasion” with one “s” and the incorrect form is “Occassion,” which is not even a real word in English. People often confuse these two due to the extra consonant “s.”

The word “occasion” is derived from the Latin word “occasio,” which means “a favorable opportunity.” Occasion is a noun that refers to a particular time, ceremony, event, or opportunity marked by a certain occurrence.

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Why Is It so Common to Spell Occasion Incorrectly?

“Occasion” is the right word with a phonological transcription “/əˈkeɪʒ(ə)n/.” Some of the commonly misspelled variations of the word are “occassion,” “ocassion,” “occation,” and more.

With the letter “c” doubled in the word “occasion,” it gets even more confusing whether to double the “s” or not as you type.

Based on the statistics by the gingersoftware website, the word is most commonly misspelled by the variation “occassion” which has a rating of 17.5%. This is due to the confusion with the double “s” between the “a” and “i.” The second common misspelled variation is “occation” with 8.6% among the users.

Definition of Occasion With Example Sentences

The word “occasion” has several free dictionary definitions which are summarized below with example sentences:

A particular time when something happened.

  • I have seen him around on four different occasions.

A special or important event, ceremony, or celebration.

  • Your graduation ceremony is an occasion to celebrate all your hard work.

A beneficial and convenient time, opportunity, or point.

  • Her birthday would be a good occasion for us to meet in person.

The incidental or immediate cause or reason for an action.

  • What is the occasion for this gathering?

Idioms and Phrases With Occasion:

Some of the frequently used idioms and phrases with occasions are:

1) on occasion: sometimes or not so often.

– We visit our village on occasion.

2) rise to the occasion: outperform oneself in a specific event or perform well despite adversity.

The team rose to the occasion after they qualified for the semi-final.

To Wrap Up

It is pretty common for individuals to misspell the words “occasion” and “occassion.” They look almost identical, and it often tricks the eyes when you spell occasion.

The subtle difference between “occasion” and“ocassion” is something that anybody can make mistakes with. However, the best way to avoid this mistake is to study these words carefully. You must know the correct and incorrect ones to avoid errors in writing.

Frequently asked questions

How do you spell special occasion?

The meaning of special occasions | Collins English Dictionary.

Is broccoli correct spelling?

Borosco: Broccoli is spelled bor-r-o-c-co-l-i. Two “c”s exist, and only one “l” and one “i” exist. This plant belongs to the mustard family and is known for its dense clusters of green or purplish flower buds that look like tiny trees.

How do you spell occasion in England?


What’s another word for special occasion?

  • soiree
  • function
  • fete
  • festivity
  • affair
  • party
  • gala
  • celebration

Which one is correct occasion or occassion?

In this way, we can conclude that option A, occasion is correct. This is important because one often confuses occasion with occasion.

What is the difference between occasion and event?

This event is a special one. It’s usually a special experience for people to think about it. The event is less special. Birthdays or anniversaries are occasions, but not events.

What means special occasion?

An event of particular significance, such as a ceremony, social gathering, or celebration.

What is an example for occasion?

A special event or time when something is possible or something is expected. Birthdays are an example. noun. This is a cause of or reason for something. A trade disagreement which led to war.

Is occasion wear one word?

Occasionwear definition clothing for special occasions.

What does have occasion mean?

phrase. If you need to do something, you have the opportunity to do it or a need to.

How do you speak occasion in English?

Which is the correct spelling a occasion b occasion c occasion d occasion?


How do you spell occasion in American?

A time, especially in respects of certain circumstances or events: Three times they met. Birthday is a very special or important event, ceremony, or celebration.

How do you use occasion?

  • The way she dressed up for the event excited him.
  • The formation of citric acid by molten stones from glucose has been described.
  • In many cases, he would say the exact opposite of what he had said before, but both would be correct at the same time.

What is the synonym for occasion?

Moment, moment, moment. Taking place, happening, occurrence, affair, incident, episode, situation, case, circumstance. 2’a perfect location for a special occasion’ social event, event, affair, function, celebration, party, ceremony, get-together, gathering, etc. informal do, bash.

Occasion or Occassion: Which Spelling Is Correct?

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