Supercede Vs. Supersede — a Quick Spelling Guide

In English, there are plenty of sophisticated words you will…

In English, there are plenty of sophisticated words you will encounter as you pursue your passion for writing. These terms may stand for things that will add relevance to your text. One of the things you should learn in grammar is how to spell supersede.

What Does Supersede Mean?

It simply means “to take over” or “supplant.” According to its dictionary definition, the word expresses the action of controlling something from another authority. It also pertains to the ability of someone to assume office or control of responsibility from a current holder.


The rebels attempted to supersede the National Palace.

It’s a word you don’t usually see in typical articles or blogs. Just as above-mentioned, you may want to consider using words like this to add sophistication to your text. Yet, keep in mind to consider the English proficiency of your target readers.

Such a reminder doesn’t intend you to look down upon your readers. In writing, you have to be considerate of the people who won’t understand the complicated words you use. Use simple terms as possible if necessary.

Supersede Vs. Supercede: Which Is Correct?

To set the record straight, both are correct. However, these words differ in which kind of English they are used.

Supersede is the US English spelling that’s widely accepted by the worldwide English-speaking community. Also, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary lists this spelling. However, if you’re a British individual and grew up using the other spelling, there’s nothing wrong with doing so.

Throughout time, it’s been a debate whether to start following the UK standards again. Since humankind has developed its language as time passes, it might get difficult doing so. It can’t be done just for the sake of bringing the Brits back the credit. 

However, it’s also not a reason to respect British people on how they spell their words compared to the Americans. Mutual respect creates a stronger English-speaking community. Although, you might need to follow the American standards most of the time since it’s the widely accepted ones.

To Wrap Up

Now, you know how to spell supersede without getting a headache or panic attack. You also learned about its difference from its UK counterpart word, supercede. Remember, the eagerness to learn more about the English language will help you improve yourself to become the excellent author.

Frequently asked questions

Why is supersede spelled with sede instead of cede?

Can you explain the meaning of supercede? Since several English words have –cede ends, the mistake is understandable. Both –cede and –sede are Latin verbs, and supercede has been a common mistake for many centuries.

What is the plural of supersede?

supersede (plural supersedes)

What are spelling variants for cede?

Since the endings sede, ceed, and cede sound alike, it is easy to confuse the spellings.

What is the meaning of supersede in Oxford dictionary?

This theory was replaced by a study which has been conducted now.

What do you mean by supercede?

transitive verb. 1a : to set aside. In order to force into abandonment as inferior. The position or place of the. A displacement in favor of something else.

How do you use the word supersede in a sentence?

When using Superseded in a sentence. This type of cable has been replaced by a type with paper insulation. Ultimately, Barclay will be replaced by Bennigsen, as Bennigsons proved incapacity in 1807. There was a 1995 regulation from 2 May 1995 that replaced the 1986 regulations.

How do you spell sede?

Definition of seed in the dictionary.

Which is correct supersede or supercede?

Assign to the correct spelling. The word is meant to substitute for or replace. Surcede isn’t a word, but you wouldn’t think it might be related to intercede and precede.

Will supersede the old law meaning in English?

Acts, rules, agreements, etc. It replaces one of the others: The newly signed deal replaces the current contract and runs until the end of 2012. If you do not have the documentation in your possession, you should ensure that it has not been replaced by new laws.

Is supersede a British spelling?

An official spelling has been replaced by. This verb means to replace something for something else. The verb is a transitive verb associated with an object. French and Latin precedes supersede.

What is the noun of supersede?

supersession. Superseding is the act of superseding.

How do you write a supersede?

Suspend or supersede is the wrong spelling of superseding. Seder is the right word for this word, not cede.

What is an example of supersede?

In place of, replace. In this case, a new person will replace the old class president.

Does supersede mean override?

To override other considerations; to preempt. Spaltify or extend beyond.

What does superseded document mean?

Set aside as void, useless, irrelevant, or obsolete, usually for reasons mentioned: If a document has not been rescinded, but content no longer applies, the superseded portion will be grayed.

Supercede Vs. Supersede — a Quick Spelling Guide

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