How to Write Spelling of Cigarette Correctly

Double consonants in English words are always a cause of…

Double consonants in English words are always a cause of confusion and misspellings. Even the native speakers also fall into the dilemma of which letter to double in specific words. The spelling of cigarette is frequently mistaken as cigarrete. This article defines ‘cigarette’ with examples and a detailed explanation of how to spell the word correctly.

Cigarette: Origin, Definition, and Examples

The word Cigarette originates from Middle English in the mid-19th century. It was borrowed from the French word cigarette, which is the diminutive of cigare, meaning “cigar.

The “-ette” is a diminutive suffix of French origin that is added to nouns to mean the smaller version of that noun. It functions the same way when added to English words like kitchenette, etiquette, and cigarette. Therefore, it means that a cigarette is the smaller form of a cigar.

Based on the dictionary, ‘cigarette’ functions as a noun. This is a thin rolled paper in a cylindrical shape with finely chopped tobacco for smoking.

There can be a list of other additives in a cigarette. It is usually wrapped in thin white paper and is much smaller than most cigars. Some herbal cigarettes are free from tobacco or nicotine.

  • Could you give me a cigarette?
  • Put out the cigarette now.
  • He went outside and quickly lit a cigarette.
  • How many cigarettes do you usually smoke in a day?
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The Spelling of Cigarette: How to spell it right

‘Cigarette’ is a commonly misspelled word due to the confusion of the double consonant letters. This is a 3-syllable word, cig-a-rette. The primary stress is on the third syllable. However, it could also be pronounced with secondary stress on the first syllable, as in Cig-a-rette.

The phonetic transcription in the English dictionary is /sɪɡəˈrɛt/. However, the pronunciation greatly varies in US and UK English. The Americans pronounce the word as [si·gr·et], while the British pronunciation is [si·guh·ret].

‘Cigarette’ is usually misspelled when you try to spell out the word at once. Break it down into its root word and the suffix to spell the word right.

Cigar (root word) + ette (suffix) = Cigarette

It will help you recall that the double consonant is in the suffix, not in the root word, ‘cigar.’

To Wrap Up

According to the dictionary, ‘cigarette’ is the correct spelling of the word. Any other variation is a spelling mistake. Remember that the spelling of cigarette is always with two t’s. If you’re confused about whether to double the “r” or “t,” this article can help. This post provides quick ways to help you spell and pronounce the word correctly.

Frequently asked questions

What is the origin of the word cigarette?

This French word originates from the word “little cigar.”. Wrapped in paper, finely ground tobacco; for smoking.

What is cigarette smoke called?

The smoke that is inhaled and then exhaled from the smoker’s lungs is called mainstream smoke (MS). An airborne smoke called sidestream smoke (SS) emanates directly from the burning end of a cigarette, cigar, or pipe.

What type of noun is cigarette?

Tobacco, marijuana, or other drugs are smoked in a thin roll wrapped with paper.

How do you say cigarette in different languages?

  • Arabic: سِيجَارَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cigarro
  • Chinese: 香烟
  • Croatian: cigareta
  • Czech: cigareta
  • Danish: cigaret
  • Dutch: sigaret
  • European Spanish: cigarrillo

How can I stop smoking?

  • You might want to try nicotine replacement therapy. Get help with nicotine replacement therapy from a health care provider.
  • Avoid triggers
  • Delay
  • Chew on it
  • Nobody has just one in place.
  • Get physical
  • Try relaxation techniques
  • Call for reinforcements

Can you buy Marlboro in UK?

Despite the company’s decision, Philip Morris International will cease selling Marlboro cigarettes in the U.K. How many years will follow. Philip Morris International announced today that it will stop selling cigarettes in the United Kingdom within the next decade, including the iconic Marlboro brand.

How do you spell cigarette in French?

French slang for ‘cannabis’. French ‘flours’ are similar to the English’smoke a cigarette’.

What is cigarette simple?

The tobacco product is a tube-shaped one, made from finely cut tobacco leaves wrapped in thin paper. Other ingredients may also be present, including substances that can enhance flavors. A cigarette is lit on one end, and smoke is usually inhaled into the lungs.

Whats a cigarette called in England?

Founded by the Schaeffler Group, FAG. A British slang term for cigarettes. The British public schools are fagging.

What does cigarette mean in the UK?

British slang may call a cigarette a “fag”. Cigarettes are commonly referred to as cigarettes, cigarettes, cigarette, cigarettess, stogs, cigarettes and tabs.

Who made cigarettes first?

In Mexico, cigarette inventions began. There had already been a taco invented. They tried smoking them, but they weren’t very satisfying, so they invented cigarettes. The spread reached Spain by the 17th century.

Who Do You Spell cigarette?

Dictionary of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary for cigarettes, Merriam Webster,

What is the English spelling of cigarette?

A tube of thin paper filled with pieces of cut tobacco that is used for smoking: Cigarette smoking is a major cause of heart disease.

Do cigarettes expire?

cigarette expires, but they become extremely stale. Air is exposed to moisture, which is allowed to escape from the resins and oils used during manufacturing.

Why do people smoke cigarettes?

Nicotine and other chemicals in tobacco smoke can easily be absorbed into the blood through the lungs. Nicotine spreads quickly through the body. If taken slowly, nicotine encourages pleasant feelings and distracts users from unpleasant feelings. Smoking is a great way to stimulate a craving for tobacco.

How to Write Spelling of Cigarette Correctly

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