Field vs. Feild — A Quick Spelling Guide

The simplest words in the English Dictionary may sometimes be…

The simplest words in the English Dictionary may sometimes be difficult to spell. Writers get confused between the difference of field vs. feild. You might have already asked yourself, what’s the correct spelling of field.

What Does Field Mean?

A field is a patch of land that doesn’t have any occupants. It may also be a grassland, or an agricultural land with a plantation of many crops. Another definition of this word is a recreational field, as in, a football field.

  • Fields may also be an airfield.
  • The goalkeeper ran free across the football field.

Now that you understand what the term means, let’s delve a little deeper.

What are Some Common Ways to Misspell Field?


Like the word “weird”, many writers get confused as to which goes first, the “e” or the “i”. Well, this question is finally answered through this article. The “i” goes first, followed by the “e”.

Spelling of Field: Know the Correct Word Sequence

Inasmuch as it’s recommended to do syllabic spelling in writing “field”, it only has one syllable. You should rather memorize its spelling, by remembering that “i” goes first before “e”. If it’s the other way around, then the English term would turn into “feild” which would sound differently.

You also have to read the dictionary more, as it will help you spell words that are difficult to write. Try to look for commonly misspelled words on the internet and consult your dictionary about their correct spelling. The use of a dictionary is helpful, especially for non-Native English speakers.

To Wrap Up

Now you know the difference between feild and field. Field is the correct spelling, while feild is the common misspelling of the latter. Make sure to to remember what this article have shared to you, so you can improve your writing.

Frequently asked questions

What is the correct use of the To field?

TO field: The TO field is intended, according to email etiquette rules, for your main recipient(s). More specifically, this field should include the recipients who have to take action after receiving the email.

What is the synonym of field?

Area, sphere, area of activity, discipline, province, department, domain, sector, line, branch, subject, specialty, specialization, specialism.

Is field an adverb?

A field can be a noun or a verb.

What is your field of study?

The area of study encompasses a certificate, diploma, or university degree.

What is field example?

In mathematics, fields are complex mathematical structures that can be described as number systems. Among the popular fields of mathematics are the rational numbers, the real numbers, and the complex numbers, denoted Q,R, and C. For reasons to be discussed in a few minutes, there would be no examples for a field.

Is hield a word?

Hedge definition To bend; incline; tilt (as a vessel or ship); heel.

What is field situation?

Field Situation means anything other than when tasks are performed in an office or lab and includes those where work is performed on a building, construction or project site that is permanently or temporarily attached to its premises.

Is it spelled field or feild?

Field is spelled Field with F-i-e-l-d. Field is an open area of land free of buildings and woods.

What is field and feild?

A piece of land that is open or cleared, such as. Suitable for pastures and tillage. 2. a. The playing field is a piece of ground dedicated to sport or competition.

What do you mean field?

The open land area in paragraph 1a(1) is free of the buildings and woods. (2) A land area marked with particular objects or features, such as dune fields. This is typically cleared enclosed land used for cultivation or pasture – a wheat field. (2) : land filled with natural resources such as oil fields. (3) : airfield.

What is the plural of field?

Field /fi*ld/ noun. plural fields.

What does it mean to field a team?

Fields are typically fielded by teams that try to catch the ball, while others are trying to hit it.

Why is Z not a field?

So, integers are commutative rings. Not satisfied, however, is Axiom (10), since nonzero element 2 in Z has no multiplicative inverse. The integer m is not such that 2 / m = 1. As a result, Z is not a field.

What does it mean to field questions?

The fact that someone will respond to or deal with a question means that they are usually successful.

What type of noun is field?

Field seems a collective noun.

Field vs. Feild — A Quick Spelling Guide

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