Spell Opportunity — A Quick Guide to Correct Spelling

English spelling can sometimes be tricky because it conflicts with…

English spelling can sometimes be tricky because it conflicts with its own rules. Also, consider the fact that English has the richest vocabulary of any language in the world.

Definition of Opportunity

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Opportunity is a noun that has the following meanings:

  • Conditions in a favorable state
  • Providing a chance for advancement or progress

Opportunity doesn’t have many synonyms; it is synonymous with phrases such as good fortune, break, and others.

The adjective form of the word is opportune. You can use it to say, for example, “an opportune moment.”

Below you may find some example sentences to solidify the meaning even more:

  • Kevin received a job offer from the competition, and it’s a great opportunity if he wants to advance in the field!
  • Do you have any idea what an opportunity landed on you? Not everyone gets accepted to Harvard!

The Correct Spelling of Opportunity

This word is commonly misspelled as oportunity, but this is not correct and should not be used.

The correct way to spell the word is with two “p”s so that it will be spelled as opportunity.

The phonetic transcription of the spelling is as follows: ah-puhr-tOO-nuh-tee

To Wrap Up

The word “opportunity” has its root in the Greek word “o”- meaning “the opening of,” and “pet-” meaning “to see”. This means that “opportunity” literally means “the opening of the seeing”.

Frequently asked questions

Is doable in the Oxford dictionary?

This Oxford English Dictionary lists published references dating back to 1449. There is a noun in “doer” (meaning one who does), with the earliest reference dating from the 1300s. Thus, “doable” is overused.

What is the most misspelled word in the world?

Accommodate. In 2021, Accommodate would be the most frequently misspelled word on Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com. Kelly believes this word is at the top of both lists because both the C and M are doubled. In the case of both consonants being doubled, it almost looks wrong.

Is this spelling correct doable?

Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.org/dictionary/doable.

Is doable a real word?

This distinction is evident in certain definitions of these synonyms: doable means “practicable” and feasible means “possible.” As is so often the case, derived from Latin is used when an element of abstraction, distance,.

Which is correct opportunity or oppurtunity?

Opportunity is a misspelling of opportunity. Possibilities are not a word.

What is the 12 spelling?

Twelve is the spelling of Twelve in English. For example, it is used to represent a value such as 12 rupees written as twelve rupee or rupee twelve.

What is the meaning of opportunity in Oxford dictionary?

An opportunity that is a potential possibility to do or achieve something related to that certain situation.

What is the root word of opportunity?

From the Latin phrase, portum veniens, which refers to a favorable wind blowing ships into the harbor. The opportunity can be seen as something that blew your way.

Is Opportunity’s correct?

The good quality of grammar.com.

How do you use Opportunity?

We use the opportunity to discuss situations in which we can do something we want to do. In most cases, a verb is followed by a to-infinitive or +-ing form: I had the chance to study but I had no choice: I did not want to. The next time I go, I wish I had gone.

How do you make easy spelling?

  • Give attention to the hard part. The whole word of a word will frequently travel up to your child.
  • Keep your spelling consistent.
  • Break it down
  • Keep it, copy it, and remember it.
  • Take pictures in your mind.
  • The way it’s spelled.
  • Use acrostic
  • Your hand is in your hands.

How do you use doable in a sentence?

  • Having a mastectomy is completely feasible.
  • Still, staying off the mountain is cheaper – and is perfectly achievable!
  • You can accomplish it within your budget.
  • Currently, it is both feasible and arguably doable.

What are the spellings of opportunity?

  • oportunity – 61%
  • apportunity – 22%
  • opptunity – 24%
  • opportunit – 31%
  • oppurtunity – 7%
  • opporunity – 19%
  • opertunity – 86%
  • oppertunity – 62%

What is the real meaning of opportunity?

1 : a favorable situation, the halt offered a chance for rest and refreshment. A good chance for advancement or progress.

How do you spell the word correctly?

Spell Opportunity — A Quick Guide to Correct Spelling

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