Guide to Block Style Business Letter Template

Writing a formal business letter requires aligning the format with the objective of the letter. The block-style letter is one of the most popular layouts employed in the field of business and law.

A block-style business letter template is appropriate for letters of reference, cover letters, and official correspondence.

Block style letters are a standard style of business letter that combines ease of use with a professional appearance. They often contain an official look and can bring a clean-lined feel when written by someone with a more polished style.

This article provides a well-crafted block format letter template to help you write one for professional or personal needs.

What Is a Block-Style Business Letter Format?

A block-style letter format is a written document sent to an individual or organization without giving indentations in the paragraphs. This letter contains some line breaks and single-spaced paragraphs.

As the name suggests, you might notice that the paragraphs in this letter are organized in blocks. This style is quite popular among business professionals because of its clean, formal, and simple appearance.

Everything from the contact’s information to the date, greeting, and closing should be left-justified in this letter.

Write to Write a Block Format Letter

If you need to write a business letter in a block format, here are the key steps to follow:

Adjust the Font and Margins of the Letter

Block-style business letters should generally have two-inch top and bottom margins and one-inch left and right margins. Typically, your word processing software will allow you to change the margins according to your needs. You must pick a readable and professional font for the letter.

Write Your Address

Write your address in the upper-left corner of your letter. Include the name of your street, the city, the state, and the zip code. You can skip this step if you intend to print your letter on business letterhead, which also includes your address.

Add the Date of Writing the Letter

After the sender’s address, leave one line and add the date of writing the letter. Make sure the letter is left-justified. If the receiver is in the United States, write the month first, followed by the date in numerical form, a comma, and the year.

Write the Recipient’s Address

The recipient’s address should then be written in another left-justified block after leaving a line gap. Include the recipient’s full name, title, and organization’s name, followed by the recipient’s full address.

Include an Appropriate Greeting

Start with an appropriate greeting that corresponds with your relationship with the receiver. A simple “Hello” is sufficient if you know the recipient. However, it’s best to use the most formal greeting, “Dear,” if you’re unfamiliar with the recipient of the letter.

Write the Body Paragraphs

In the body paragraphs, mention your reasons for writing the letter and contacting the recipient. Then include the evidence or supporting details to back up the claims made earlier.

Your letter should end with a closing paragraph summarizing your major points and any follow-up plans with the recipient. If a call to action fits with the goal of your message, you may add it.

Thanking the reader for their time is customarily considered to be good business practice.

Close With a Formal Salutation

Finally, close the letter with a formal salutation like “Thank you” or “Sincerely.” Then leave four line breaks for your signature before you write your typed name. To add extra documents to your letter, leave a line break below the name and write “Enclosures,” and mention the number of additional documents.

Block-Style Business Letter Template Example

Here’s a clearly crafted block-style business letter template to help you write a professional letter on your own.

Example Letter Template:

[Your Street Address]

[City, State, and ZIP Code]


[Recipient’s First and Last Name]

[Recipient’s Title]

[Name of Organization]

[Street Address]

[City, State, and Zip Code]

[Professional greeting] [Recipient name]:

[In the introduction paragraph, state the purpose of your letter and the main message you wish to convey using single spacing and left justification.]

[The second paragraph will also be left justified with single-spacing. Here, you should use numerical data or personal experience to add more details and explain the claims made in the first paragraph.]

[Reiterate your main points in the conclusion. Lay out the parameters for further communication, and express gratitude to the reader for their time.]

[Add a Professional sign-off],

[Your Signature]

[Your Typed Name]

Enclosures: [Number of additional documents]


Drafting a business letter in a block format is not difficult if you know how to structure and align it properly. A block-style format is the most common choice for different types of formal business communications.

Follow the format tips and the example template to write a professional and effective business for a specific company for your requirements.

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