How to Write a Follow-up Email for Business Proposals

The silence that comes after sending a proposal can be deafening, but not taking action is a mistake you shouldn’t make.

Even if they haven’t replied, you should be proactive by crafting a second email. This follow-up email seeks your client’s input on how to move the deal forward. In this article, we have the perfect business proposal follow up email sample to help you out.

But before that, let’s explain why sending a follow-up email is important.

Why Should You Send a Follow-up Email?

People receive many emails today, and your initial proposal may have gone unnoticed. Sending a follow-up email is a good way of reminding them that you’re interested in working with them.

In addition, a follow-up email also shows you’re serious. The recipient might have ignored you the first time because they didn’t know you. Reaching out a second time makes them more interested in checking out your initial proposal.

Tips for Writing Proposal Follow-up Emails

Your follow-up emails must have certain characteristics to make them effective. We’ve compiled the most important tips to help you make the best out of your follow-up emails.

Use Clear Subject Lines

Make Sure It Is Concise

Keep your follow-up email simple and concise by putting your heart into it. This is a follow-up email, and you don’t need to make it lengthy. Build on what you discussed in your initial pitch.

Restate Your Value

The follow-up email is another chance to make a point and restate your value. Tell them what you can bring to the table and how working together can benefit them. 

Ask Why

It is a good idea to ask why your recipient didn’t get back to you after the initial email. While some might have forgotten, others might have doubts and concerns. Getting this information helps you to know what went wrong and how to write better emails in the future.

Include a CTA

A simple nudge in the right direction can help you get your desired response. You want them to read and feel compelled to reach out or respond to your email. Thus, you should include a simple call to action at the end of the email.

Business Proposal Follow up Email Sample

Here is a business proposal follow up email sample you can use to create yours.

Subject: Follow Up on Business Proposal 

Hello [Name], 

Thank you for considering our proposal. We would appreciate the opportunity to work with your company and are confident that we can provide the best service. 

We strongly believe that we have the experience and expertise needed to help your business reach its full potential. Our team is fully committed to providing outstanding results, and we guarantee your satisfaction. 

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to convince you to choose us as your business partner. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and thank you for your time. 


[Your Name]

We generated the sample above using the Hey INK tool. If you want to generate wonderful emails like this, you should use try out the tool too.


A follow-up email gives you another chance to remind the recipient of your proposal, keep the discussion going, and ultimately seal the deal. At the same time, it’s a great opportunity to solidify your offer and provide a solution to any objections that might have been raised.

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