Add Clever Humor to Your Job Advertisements

Funny job advertisements can greatly draw attention to your open positions and engage potential candidates.

An interesting, cleverly-worded ad can do wonders for the candidate’s interest level and the hiring manager’s enthusiasm for the new role. Moreover, creating an amusing job advertisement allows you to stand out from other employers with similar roles.

Humor in job postings can also add fun to a tough process and help humanize the employer. This article will discuss strategies for writing humorous yet professional job ads that successfully attract top talent. In addition, we have some funny job advertisement examples for you.

Strategies for Writing Funny Job Adverts

A humorous post can help you add a new dimension to your ad in a world where every job ad includes stringent requirements.

Additionally, writing humorous job ads allows you to stand out from other employers who might have similar roles available. To that end, here are some strategies for writing funny yet professional job adverts.

Start With a Catchy Introduction

When crafting an amusing job advertisement, start strong by beginning with an eye-catching headline or slogan that captures the reader’s attention. This could include a pun based on the title of the position or a play on words related to the company or industry.

Ensure that your joke does not come off as too cheesy or juvenile but rather is smart and sophisticated enough to make readers chuckle. 

Use Humor Strategically Throughout

After creating a captivating headline, incorporate humor into various sections of your job advert, like the qualifications section, job responsibilities, or closing paragraph. Rather than trying to fit jokes into every sentence, however, focus on tasteful one-liners and comedic references when appropriate.

While it is acceptable to use wit and humor in order to attract applicants, ultimately, the posting should still remain professional. It should still reflect what type of person would be successful in the role. 

Utilize Visual Elements

While written text typically takes center stage in most job adverts, graphics can be used effectively to enhance their comedic value. For instance, if you’re looking for a creative, adding visuals like cartoon images or memes may grab their attention better than plain text alone.

Just be sure these illustrations don’t detract from any crucial details you want them to read. Otherwise, they could miss important information or apply for the wrong job altogether. 

Be Mindful of Cultural Sensitivity

The old saying, “Laughter is the best medicine,” doesn’t apply when it comes to potentially offensive things. Be sure to peruse your funny job ad to ensure it doesn’t offend others.

Funny Job Advertisement Examples

We have some funny job advertisement examples for you. You can go through them for inspiration.

Example 1

We don’t need you!

Actually, we do. 

We are looking for a highly experienced writer who can communicate complex topics in a humorous and creative manner! You should be able to use language that is both precise and concise while simultaneously incorporating your own experience and expertise. If you’re the type of person who loves to inject personal anecdotes into their writing with ancillary examples, this role is definitely for you. We want someone who isn’t afraid to utilize uncommon words or employ different sentence structures. Let’s face it — talking about complex concepts doesn’t have to be dull or boring. Are you ready to join our dynamic team? Then don’t hesitate to apply today!

Example 2

You are our next social media handler. Yes, you. 

We are looking for a witty and outgoing social media handler with extensive knowledge of the digital marketing world. The ideal candidate will have an eye for detail and the ability to create content that is both humorous and informative. 

A successful applicant must possess excellent writing skills, with an aptitude for capturing attention and conveying complex concepts in a concise manner. We expect applicants to be fully au fait with current trends and understand the nuances of crafting compelling posts that entertain and captivate people. 

With every sentence composed, we ask our writers to show their wit and exemplify the artistry behind their compositions. If you think you’d be up for this challenge, then don’t hesitate! Apply now for your chance to join us on this scintillating journey into the depths of creativity!


Writing funny job ads gives you an advantage over others. It is unusual and will definitely get people interested in knowing more about the role.

In addition, fun job posts show that your company cares about its staff. The tips and examples in this article can help you create fun job adverts easily.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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