Advantages of Text Summarizer and Paraphraser Tools

A summarizer and paraphraser tool can help you reword text…

A summarizer and paraphraser tool can help you reword text for different purposes. It is important to note that summarizing and paraphrasing don’t have the same meaning. Admittedly, there are a few similarities.

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In this article, we take a closer look into the meaning of summarizing and paraphrasing. The article also analyzes the benefits of the two and the tools to use for summarizing and paraphrasing.

What Is Summarizing?

When you summarize, you present a brief overview of a passage or a point of information you have read, like an abstract or thesis. A summary reduces a whole text to only the essential information. Non-essential information is usually left out in summaries.

Summarizing creates a condensed version of a text so that anyone who reads it gets a general idea of the original text. Since it is restricted to only essential information, a summary is expected to be considerably shorter in length than the original text.

What Is Paraphrasing?

When paraphrasing, you present another person’s thoughts in your own words. This means that paraphrasing entails altering the original wording while preserving the original meaning. Unlike summarizing, paraphrasing doesn’t require the output to be shorter than the original text.

Paraphrasing is a preferred alternative to quoting. It is preferred because it demonstrates the writer’s understanding of the initial text. When paraphrasing, it is essential to avoid using words that are too similar to the original text.

Advantages of Summarizing and Paraphrasing

1. Enhanced Clarity

When you paraphrase, you can improve clarity by presenting ideas in a better way. The ideas can be given in a shorter, more succinct form, which can serve as an effective way to get your point across.

2. Easy Identification of Main Points

Summarization allows you to bring out the main points in any piece of text. This way, readers can save time and still understand the key points.

Best Summarizer and Paraphraser Tools

If you decide to summarize and paraphrase your text manually, it requires several steps that you must follow faithfully. Needless to say, this will take a lot of time. You can use a summarizing tool to get your summary done online with the click of a button. There are several sentence paraphrasing tools to help with paraphrasing as well.


INK is an AI tool that provides writing tools that meet several writing needs. One such tool is the sentence rewording tool. You can use the tool to paraphrase and rewrite any part of an article or paragraph. INK allows users to access the reword tool in a variety of ways.

Users can use the tool directly on INK’s website. They can download the INK Chrome extension to paraphrase on the go. There’s also the INK editor that works on different operating systems.

Apart from the multiple access channels, INK’s sentence paraphraser is also easy to use. You only need to enter your text into the box provided on the website, indicate the preferred tone, and click the rewrite button.

The AI algorithm automatically generates multiple versions of your text. This means users have options to select the variant that conveys their message best.

Other Features

  • Unlimited AI text rewrites on the free plan
  • More than 120 AI-enabled writing tools
  • INK editor offers a distraction-free user interface that boosts productivity
  • Grammar and spelling checker
  • It offers multiple rewriting tones


With QuillBot, you have a tool that can summarize and paraphrase. QuillBot offers more than five paraphrasing modes. The tool allows users to control how much their vocabulary changes.

QuillBot’s summarizer tool can help you sift through documents to identify the main points. The tool provides a summarization output in two ways — key sentence style and paragraph style.

Other Features

  • Citation generator
  • Grammar checker
  • Chrome and Microsoft Word extensions


Users can use TLDR to generate summaries of long texts. You can either paste the text of the article into the box provided or enter the URL. TLDR This can also analyze text to automatically extract metadata from article URLs, including author and date information. The tool can help you get the key points in an article more easily because it filters time wasters and clickbait.

Other Features

  • Chrome and Firefox extensions
  • It offers a distraction and ad-free reading
  • The tool can extract images and other relevant metadata


IntelliPPT is an online AI-powered summarization tool. It helps you summarize your documents and gives a PPT output. It can summarize different categories of content, including blog posts, academic articles, and business reports.

Other Features

  • It accepts DOCX and PDF files
  • Summarizes by simplification

To Wrap Up

Summarizing and paraphrasing are two key skills any academic or online writer must have. You shouldn’t copy and paste from sources and risk being penalized for plagiarism. Instead, you can paraphrase and present the idea in your own words.

In addition, you can summarize texts to present key ideas to readers succinctly. There are reliable AI tools like INK to take the arduous task off your hands and give you quality results in record time.

Frequently asked questions

How do you make a long paragraph shorter?

The unnecessary or redundant data can be cut to shorten the paragraph. An opening sentence should outline only one idea in your paragraph. Make sure you elaborate on it in 2 to 3 sentences, limiting any words or ideas that are deviant from the theme.

What are types of text summarization?

Summarizations are generally conducted in two different ways: extractive summarization and descriptive summarizing. Abstractive Summarization.

What is a Summarizer?

1. An attempt to summarize or express in a concise manner. 2. A summary of. 3. To provide a summary.

Why is summarizing and paraphrasing important?

Summary and paraphrasing: Properly made, they can save time, increase understanding, and give authority and credibility to your work. Tooling is useful when the precise wording of the original communication is less important than its overall meaning.

What is a summarizing tool?

Summarizing Tool is an AI-based tool that sums up long texts into the shortened ones. The key sentences in summarized text are a clear overview of the whole context.

Can AI summarize a text?

The Sassbook AI summarizer is powered by modern AI. The text summarizer understands its surroundings and generates summaries. Abstractive summarization is the default method used here.

How do you summarize text in Word?

Click on the AutoSummarize Tools button in Quick Access and select AutoSsummarize. You have various options in AutoSummarize when the dialog box opens. As well as the length of the summary, you can choose the type of summary you want.

How do you summarize a sentence?

If you want to summarize, you must read a passage carefully, finding the main ideas and supporting ideas. You must briefly write down those ideas in a couple sentences or paragraphs. The difference between a summary and a paraphrase is important. Paraphrases are literally modifications of the passage they say.

How do you summarize a paragraph app?

With up to 128 languages, WrapItUp helps you shorten a set of paragraphs to the most relevant sentences containing key points you should be aware of. Copy text from your favorite source or copy the link directly (new! ), open the app, and begin reading!

Why summarizing is important?

The aim of summarizing is to teach students how to identify the most important ideas in a text, ignore irrelevant information, and integrate the central ideas in an effective manner. Learning to summarize improves your memory for what is read. There are strategies that can be used in almost any content area.

What is an advantage of paraphrasing?

It can prevent overuse of direct quotations, and it can be more concise than quoting. With paraphrasing, you can think about and comprehend the text you are paraphrazing. As you rephrase another person’s idea, you must think about what that person is really saying.

Why is paraphrasing tools important?

In fact, it is important because it shows your reader (i.e. You have understood the source sufficiently to have written it in your own words (your lecturer). You also get a powerful alternative to direct quotes (which might include less relevant material).

What is the best text Summarizer?

  • SkimCast
  • IntelliPPT
  • Smmry
  • Tools4noobs
  • TextSummarization
  • Free Summarizer

What is the main function of summarizing text?

Having a summary is intended to give you an overview of your theory or work so you can present it in context. First, read the work to understand the author’s intent. Incomplete readings can lead to inaccurate summaries.

How do you summarize without plagiarizing?

Read the original text, then read the summary, and look for phrases or languages that are too similar to the original. You should use a quote or rewrite the summary again if the summary is too close to the original. This avoids plagiarism.

Advantages of Text Summarizer and Paraphraser Tools

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Advantages of Text Summarizer and Paraphraser Tools

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