7 Key Phases of Effective Brand Messaging

Building your brand is not difficult, but it does take time. Therefore, you need to take the time to create, refine and implement a brand messaging strategy that is both meaningful and impactful. You need to plan, execute and optimize your brand messaging to ensure its success. This article discusses seven key phases of effective brand messaging along with some of the top brand message examples for inspiration.

What Is Brand Messaging?

Brand messaging is the process of creating, communicating, and executing the objective message conveyed through the brand. It communicates the brand’s story, character, and values to customers. It encompasses activities such as creating a marketing strategy, choosing communication channels, determining the best audience, and then communicating and executing the plan.

Establishing the standard tone of voice for a brand is essential. This is because whenever the company positions itself, the public can quickly recognize its identity based on its core values.

7 Key Phases of Effective Brand Messaging
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7 Phases of Brand Messaging Framework

Brand messaging is the process of reaching out to customers, prospects, and other key stakeholders. It necessitates internal, audience, and market research. With a sound brand message, you can deliver a clear message, maximize visibility and make your brand stand out from the competition. The way businesses position themselves and choose a variety of factors influences their communication strategy. Here are seven key phases of creating an effective brand messaging framework.

1. Identify Your Target Market & Audiences

Before you begin your strategy to get people’s attention, you must understand who you are trying to reach. Educate yourself through various sources. Look for online ads and social media tools to target your audience, whether you are going after an individual or a specific type. Stay focused on your goals, and find a way to ensure you speak to the right people at the right time.

2. Find Credible References for Inspiration

Taking inspiration from success stories is a great idea to develop your company’s brand messaging. The intention is never to imitate or copy an idea for your brand message but to find credible references relevant to your business. The best course of action is to observe and evaluate the brand message examples of the businesses in your industry. Big companies usually make significant investments to preserve the uniformity of the message content in their communication strategy.

3. Observe and Identify Market Trends

You can observe market trends to identify the latest topics or learn about the current trends by following popular blogs and websites. Observe the type of topics in these sources, and you will have a greater chance of understanding what is popular. Analyzing social media channels is a great idea to observe market trends. This will help you determine if you should be a part of the trend, fizzle out, or break away from the trend.

4. Possess a Value Proposition

Stand out from your competition by creating a clear, succinct, and unique value proposition for your audience. Your value proposition will be about what your company does for the world and how it will serve them (and what their competitors can’t). It describes what you value, how to appeal to audiences, make the purchase, and what will happen after the purchase.

5. Use Appropriate Terminologies

The terminology used in brand messaging is an essential component. What are the important terms that will be used regarding your brand and the messaging you create? What will you communicate to your audience? And what are you trying to elicit to help grow your sales, your influence, or your name in your niche? Make sure the key terms are clear. Try to keep the messaging as short and concise as possible, but compel your audience to engage with the rest of the message.

6. Establish Your Brand’s Tone of Voice

Your brand should have a distinct voice that is easy to identify. The tone of voice is an effort to establish the personality of your brand by conveying a set of ideas and values. It gives off a certain feeling and complexion over your brand as a whole. The tone of voice can change from time to time as your brand needs to evolve and embrace different ideas and values.

7. Create Communication Guidelines

An effective communication protocol can help reduce confusion, spread understanding of your brand, and increase consistency between marketing changes. These guidelines should include an overall brand approach, company values, color scheme, and recommended and prohibited terms.

Best Brand Message Examples for Inspiration

Effective branding and messaging are all about being meaningful and memorable. Whether you’re an individual or an organization, find a way to shed light on the story and the identity you want to present. So how do you make your target audience remember what you said? Below are some high-quality and impactful brand message examples as a source of inspiration.


Apple has positioned itself as an innovative and emotional company, embodying its “Think Different” slogan in its branding strategy. Apple has used clever advertising to win the hearts of its customers by connecting with their emotions. They encourage their audience to think differently, but they also present the modern world and make the technology available for everyone to use. They stress leadership values without an authoritarian tone. Apple has helped build a healthy customer base for its products. They focused on bringing the best of their technology in a genuine, personal, and non-technical way.


Nike has had to come up with creative new ways over the years to communicate the same message: “Just do it.” By doing this, Nike has continued to be an iconic brand ever since its creation in 1964. It attracts not only athletes but people from all walks of life who understand. Nike focuses not only on selling athletic shoes but offers a lifestyle that everyone believes they must have. Nike campaigns use well-prepared content that tells relevant stories to evoke the right emotions. The story demonstrates how everyone can succeed by overcoming obstacles and putting their minds to something.


One of the most recognized brand messages comes from the company Dove. Their advertising campaigns consistently portray the value of real beauty inside and out. They highlight how women should focus on beauty, knowing that their journey to self-realization should go deep with their looks. They also advocate for women to have their own sense of self-worth, which is the whole idea behind this brand’s marketing.

Wrapping Up

This article outlines the seven key phases of creating a strong brand messaging along with some strong brand message examples. This is meant to enhance your creativity and inspire you to craft a compelling brand message for your company.

It can be easy to have a great message if you spend enough time thinking it through. There are numerous powerful brands, and each organization has its take on what it means to live a life that matters. Brands with a clear, compelling story that resonates with their audiences are more likely to succeed in their competitive marketplace. This means they will be remembered distinctly compared to other brands and could attract new customers because of their unique story.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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