How to Create an Effective Brand Voice

Brand voice is a term that describes the different sounds an individual brand makes when it is spoken about. As it relates to building a business, it is the way you talk about your product or service.

For example, when people start talking about the Coca-Cola brand, they say, “It tastes so refreshing.” This is an example of brand voice and how Coca-Cola tells its story. This article shows you the core brand voice guidelines to help you craft yours.

For a brand to create an effective voice, it must have structures in place to tell its story.

The guidelines offered in this article provide organizations with the necessary information that will allow them to begin an effective voice for their brand. This will help them create the images, messages, patterns, and stories that will allow them to position their business realistically.

The goal is to provide information that can create a picture in the minds of the public.

How to Create an Effective Brand Voice
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Brand Voice Guidelines You Should Know

You don’t get your brand voice by happenstance. You have to work and dedicate lot of time to it, and we’ll guide you through it. This section analyzes the important brand voice guidelines.

1. Know Your Audience

Before creating a brand voice, a company must clearly know who its audience is. Without this, the brand voice will be more misses than hits. Are you trying to appeal to a particular social class? Are your target audience young, old or middle-aged? These are crucial questions to answer when creating a brand voice. 

Once you define your audience, you can create content in the language that they like. The tone will resonate with them, and you’ll start winning new customers every passing moment.

2. Establish Your Personality Traits

What is the first thing that pops up in people’s minds when they see your post? Think of what you want people to know your brand for. The answers to these questions represent the personality trait of your brand voice. 

Many marketing teams overlook the importance of establishing a brand’s personality trait from the start. Ultimately, they start twisting and turning the brand strategy to fit the newly created trait. Establishing the brand’s personality traits is not only about pinpointing the traits. Consistency is key to ensuring that it sticks.

3. Articulate the Dos and Don’ts

The market needs to see a consistent and unique tone of voice from your brand. They need to see it in every content, including emails and blog posts. There is no cast-in-stone rule for this. However, the do’s and don’ts of your brand voice should reinforce the personality traits. It may include your brand’s tone (conversational, formal, or fluid), writing style, and communication medium.

You can write out the dos and don’ts for all team members to read and understand. You need to emphasize the need for everybody to be on the same page. As long as you use the rules consistently, everything becomes easy.


You have to understand what your brand stands for and have an idea of what those values are. These are the ingredients that sum up your brand voice. Once you have a good understanding of your traits, personalities, values, goals, and meanings, you can create a brand voice and design your company. 

Remember, it doesn’t always have to be a polished and perfectly crafted brand. It can be an identity system that evolves over time (as long as it’s authentic). Different companies have different brand voices.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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