Example of Brand Voice: A Unique Guide on Creating a Brand Voice

Are you thinking of ways to market your products and services successfully? Have you ever tried checking if you have a compelling brand voice? If not, you can look at each example of brand voice below.

Companies do their best to secure their business’s fame through marketing. Without it, brands may face difficulty in converting productions into earnings. That’s why entrepreneurs ensure the strength of their brand voice.

This article will tackle the definition and present an example of brand voiceYou will also learn about its essence in your company’s success.

What is a Brand Voice?

Think about your brand voice as a standard for the words used in your marketing materials. Your tone of voice will reflect your brand personality and values. For a successful business, the tone of voice is part of its brand guidelines. This ensures that their message is consistent.

Brand voice conveys all the personality your brand has.

A strong brand voice is crucial for ensuring consistency across communication channels, regardless of the content. Brands with strong voices will sound the same on social media, email communications, and blog posts. 

Reasons Why Your Brand Voice Matter

Here are some reasons to pay attention to your brand voice.

Establishes Your Business’s Fame

Having a good brand voice helps you establish the success of your brand.

The messaging of your marketing strategies says a lot about your company’s potential to become one of the best. 

Effectively conveying your brand voice through marketing equates to valuable lead conversions and sales.

Distinguishes Your Company

Another benefit of having a solid brand name is its capability to distinguish your company from other businesses.

You identify a unique selling proposition that can help you set yourself apart from the rest, however challenging to develop. 

In addition, a good brand voice also helps develop strong brand awareness. Leveraging the right marketing tools and deploying them correctly will give a company a head start establishing a good brand voice.

Leads to Sales

If you want more earnings, your brand should have a strong voice. The companies listed above, together with their famous brand voices, depict how essential it is for an enterprise to have an appealing marketing tone.

If you can communicate well with your clients and target market, you can easily convert your marketing efforts into valuable sales. 

You’ll have difficulty attracting potential customers to purchase your product or service without a brand voice.

Saves Resources

Another benefit of having a good strategy in brand messaging is saving resources. You can easily communicate your product’s quality when you have a marketable tone of voice.

A unique brand voice helps companies stand out on social media platforms and in their consumer marketing efforts. It helps you create consistency in your messages and communications.

That way, you no longer need to print huge tarpaulins and post them everywhere through billboards that might cost you thousands of dollars.

Example of Brand Voice

Now that you know the definition of a brand voice, it’s essential to understand how famous companies benefited from having one.

Your brand’s tone of voice serves as a bridge between you and your clients. It’s the message of your company consistent in all methods of marketing. Also, it embodies the quality of service you offer to your clients. 

The list below shows the most common brand voices from famous companies.

1. Duolingo “Just Straight Up Out of Pocket”

Since Duolingo deals with grammar and language training, it needs to communicate a message that points out an individual’s weakness. 

This type of brand voice helps applications like Duolingo to persuade their clients to purchase their services.

Despite the mischievous and naughty marketing tone, Duolingo’s brand voice makes its clients conscious of their linguistic mistakes.

2. Wendy’s “Would You Like Fries That Sick Burn”

Wendy’s tone of voice attempts to make a client starve for their food. 

Attacking their weaknesses is a great way to persuade customers to purchase your product.

However, in Wendy’s case, they emphasize their food’s tastiness. That way, their clients crave their products and eventually buy them.

3. Skittles– “So Far Out There, It’s In Another Galaxy”

Like Wendy’s, Skittles focus on the unique taste of its chocolates. 

Skittles portray its chocolates as extra-terrestrial, which may trigger the curiosity of its target customers.

Eventually, it causes their clients to buy the product and have a taste of it.

4. CloudSmartz– “Professional and Ambitious”

Since CloudSmartz’s clients mainly consist of professional corporations, it needs to keep its brand voice formal.

Some of their customers include large communication services providers (CSPs), so it’s necessary to keep their marketing tone corporate and respectful.

If you have clients similar to CloudSmartz’s, you might find their marketing tone suitable for yours.

5. LaCroix Sparkling Water– “Friendly Yet Informative”

The tone of voice used by this company intends to reach all people regardless of their backgrounds. It makes sense because water is a necessity anyone requires.

Imagine if a water brand used a “serious and horrifying” tone of marketing voice. Do you think people from all backgrounds will buy its product?

Whether young or old, healthy or not, individuals need water. That’s why it’s ideal to use a friendly yet informative voice.

6. Nike- “Positive and Inspiring”

Nike is a sports apparel store that seeks to attract sports-savvy individuals. It makes sense to use a positive and inspiring marketing tone provided such a reputation.

Nike takes advantage of its platform to relate to the shared experiences of athletic individuals.

That way, they can attract aspiring and professional athletes to buy their products.

7. Harley-Davidson- “Strong and Aggressive”

Harley-Davidson’s inseparable relationship with manhood justifies the necessity to use a “strong and aggressive” tone.

Since most men are associated with such attitudes, Harley-Davidson uses it to grab the attention of male motorcycle lovers.

The “strong and aggressive” tone attempts to feed the masculine desire of becoming cool, handsome, and intimidating.

8. Good American- “Considerate and Simple”

Good American’s advocacy is all about body positivity and acceptance. 

No wonder they chose a “considerate and simple” tone of marketing to address clients facing the problem of body shaming.

The “considerate and simple” tone intends to welcome people of all sizes, races, and backgrounds to buy their product.

To Wrap Up

It is not a coincidence that some of the world’s most successful brands have interesting brand voices. A distinct brand voice creates a mark in their target clients’ minds.

In other words, developing an exceptional brand voice shows that your company is worthy of serious consideration. 

Now that you know the definition, importance, and examples of brand voice, what marketing tone does your company have?

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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