Unique and Creative Business Names for Beauty

Naming your business is the first and most important stage of creating your brand identity. And when looking for business names for beauty brands, people have different preferences.

A significant advantage of a beauty business is its ability to communicate visually. Be it a cosmetics shop or a beauty salon, the name of the brand creates the first impression on the audience, making it memorable.

Therefore, we have outlined a guide to help you name your brand right and stand out from the crowd.

How to Choose Business Names for Beauty Brands?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to business names and titles. You can choose business names for your beauty business that are unique and creative for your benefit. However, the following are some important factors to consider while naming your beauty business.

1. Creating the Right Impression

The world of Beauty is a competitive one. Companies must give their name a professional identity that can leave an impression on their loyal consumers.

A name can bring with it a lot of different connotations, including meaning and message. But a business should ask itself how well-suited its name is for the kind of professional identity they want to convey.

2. Pick a Name That Is Easy to Spell and Remember

Think about how your name will contribute to your company’s branding and marketing. Does it incorporate an element that is specifically relevant to your industry?

Does it make the word “beauty” part of your name? These are the questions you should be asking yourself as you start the process of naming your company. You must make sure the name is easy to spell and remember.

3. Let the Name Reflect the Profession

Beauty companies typically have a name that reflects their brand. It’s important to cover this when deciding on a name for your business.

Remember that your business name is also a brand and a reputation that will determine how potential consumers will view your company. A good name for a beauty business should reflect the aesthetic of the business, not just its focused service.

4. Make the Name Unique & Timeless

Just because a business name has been used before doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to make a business name more unique and creative with a Google search.

If you want to be original, consider making a business name that sounds like phrases like “Hair Pillow Pads,” “Lipstick Disks,” or “Nail Wands.” Play around with the words to make them unique and timeless.

5. Verify If the Name Is Trademarked

A word of caution before choosing a business name — consider avoiding it if you’re doubtful that someone else might be using it. Check to see if it has been trademarked before you start trademarking and advertising your product.

Don’t fall into a situation where you have already decided on a company name only to find out someone else is already using it.

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What to Avoid When Naming a Beauty Business?

Naming your business right creates the first impression for the customers and investors. So, you must not take the decision lightly. When naming your beauty business, avoid the following errors.

Too Generic Names

Once you’ve settled on a name for your business, you need to consider how to differentiate your business from other similar businesses. If you get this wrong, your company can easily fall victim to the brand confusion that is all the rage in the beauty industry. And there are so many competitors in this industry. The target audience can easily forget a name that is too generic, which is the last thing you want.

Overly Descriptive Names

Avoid stuffing words in your business name in the pursuit of giving away every little detail about your business type. Overly descriptive names are difficult to recall and bad for brand visibility.

Moreover, too lengthy or descriptive names leave no room for scalability or reinvention in the future. The last thing you want is to limit the possibility of your business expansion in the industry.

Examples of Beauty Business Name Ideas

Business names in the fashion industry are no less important than physical appearance in the eyes of potential consumers.

The business name you choose reflects how the company will operate, how professional it looks, and how committed it is to its customers. This is why a name must be unique and creative.

The following examples from different categories will inspire you to come up with a good name for your beauty and cosmetics business.

Makeup Business Names

  • Healthy Glow
  • Heaven Perfection
  • Beautiful Terrace
  • Gleaming Glow Makeup
  • Beauty Fusion
  • Rosy Passion

Beauty Salon Names

  • Touch of Beauty 
  • New Look Beauty
  • Essence Beauty
  • Creation’s Professional
  • Vision Beauty Studio

Beauty Shop Business Names

  • Bridal Makeup
  • Pink rose Beauty
  • Grace and Glow
  • Aesthetic Beauty Spa
  • Angels Paradise
  • Divas and Dolls


One important aspect of running a successful business is coming up with a distinctive and memorable name. Read this article to learn about choosing appropriate branding names for your beauty business and avoid possible pitfalls that could otherwise derail your success. The article also shares some examples of beauty brand names for inspiration.

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