Salon Brand Ideas — Creating Classy Names for Beauty Businesses

Are you planning to start your own salon? Have you already planned how to promote it? Before marketing your brand, you might want to consider brainstorming names for beauty businesses.

Beauty parlors are one of the most prominent businesses. Since there are many famous salons like the Muse Saloon in the United States, you need to find ways to compete with them. You must give your brand and service quality its well-deserved publicity.

Worry no more because this article will teach you to make classy names for beauty businesses accompanied by examples.

Four Tips on Making Names for Beauty Businesses

Make it Cute But Professional

When naming a beauty business, think about how you can make it both cute and professional. 

People must know you are a professional in your business. But an adorable name can add credibility to your salon. Your parlor will become popular in the community if your business name stands out.

Make it sound like Victoria’s Secret or Abercrombie and Fitch. Be thought-provoking but not too complicated, such as The Cut. 

Look to other businesses to get great ideas for naming your business.

Make it Concise

List the three main words that make up the name of your company.

Such as ‘Lash Escape’ or ‘Black Pearl.’ Come up with other words that you can add to your brand’s name. Similarly, for instance, ‘Pearl Brows’ or ‘Breath of Spring.’

You must be thinking, “I have seen a lot of businesses with long names.” The thing is, prominent startups invest millions in promotions and marketing.

Would you be willing to put 100 thousand dollars instead?

If yes, your name should not matter at all. However, why should you choose long words if you can’t put a lot of money into advertising your business?

Make Yourself Stand Out

Is makeup artistry a great skill? Why not put “expert” in your makeup and beauty parlor’s name?

What if you offer the lowest rates possible in the whole market? You can tell people about that. Add a word to your business name like “affordable.”

What if you use your business’s most expensive makeup products to increase customer satisfaction? Why not put the phrase “world-class quality” in your name?

Making a brand name that stands out will help you attract more curious clients.

Make It Cool and Unbeatable

You’ve probably seen a salon with a unique name that makes you want to go in even if you can’t make an appointment. That’s your goal when you create a new name for your salon. You aim to persuade people to avail your service.

People like beauty business names that sound unique. Your hair salon and spa should consider using an eye-catching brand name.

Create a great brand name for your beauty business. Know what your target clients need. 

Also, the vibe of your brand name should stick with your company’s vision. How do you value your customers? What is the principle that your brand follows to make people pretty? 

A cool name has a lot of potentials. Remember, your brand name is the trademark of your business.


  • The Blossom Boutique: Elegance and Unique Beauty.
  • Pink Place: Your Dream Glamour Awaits.
  • Girl Care: Beautiful Cosmetics and Glam Shop.
  • Bella Fashion: Rise and Shine.
  • Sun Salon: World Class Beauty Experts.
  • The Royal Spa: Five-Star Beauty Services.
  • Aphrodite: The #1 Beauty Salon in the World.
  • Nails and Hair.
  • The Beauty House.
  • Palais de Finesse.
  • Sparkle Studio: Fashion & Glamour Shop.
  • The Goddess Shop: Think, Paint, Follow.
  • Beauty Industry: Create Beauty YOUR WAY.
  • Nature’s Gloss: An Essential Face Spa.

Final Thoughts

Thinking about beauty brand names and other company names may truly get difficult. It’s natural for entrepreneurs to get intimidated by their competitors’ achievements. Most notably, in terms of brand naming

However, there are four easy steps you can follow to create a good name successfully. You have to make it cute but professional and concise. Ensure to keep it concise, make it stand out, and cool and unbeatable.

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