How to Create Great Fictional Corporation Names

Do you ever wonder what makes really good fantasy company names? You may be writing a story or a sci-fi novel and need that perfect name for your fictional business or corporation. You could also be creating a role-playing or computer game character and need a good name for your company or corporation.

In this article, we talk about what makes a good fictional name.

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What Makes a Fantasy Company Name Perfect?

The idea of a perfect fantasy company name is a fantasy in itself. Don’t get it wrong. It doesn’t mean you should come up with any random name. Rather, it means the perfect company name depends on what you want to achieve.

Have a pal or a colleague that you regularly collaborate with? Creating a company name for them can be as simple as a text message. Say, “Hey, do you want to create a company name for a game”? And boom—you’re at it. But what about if you want to create a name for a brand-new fictional corporation for a game you’re programming? How can you find a name that is both unique and appropriate for a game in a fantasy world? This article is a good place to start.

Ways to Generate Random Fantasy Company Names

Learn how to create great company names for your fiction and sci-fi novels in these simple steps.

Choose a Company Name That Tells a Good Story

A fictional company’s name can be any name you want, but it should tell a basic story of your universe. Perhaps the story revolves around technology or the science of a particular time. Alternatively, it could be about where the people live or where the corporation is located. It can also tell a basic story about how the company operates. Company name choice should tell a story. Basically, the name should be able to arouse interest and spark conversations.

Keep Your Options Open

At the early stage of brainstorming for fiction corporation name ideas, you should keep your options open. Therefore, you should pool several names together. Doing this gives you a lot of flexibility and doesn’t limit you. When brainstorming, be open to all kinds of wonderful name ideas.

If you take your time and think creatively, you’ll create a concept that resonates with your fictional world and reflects your fantasy. With that, losing the advantage of a name that is already out there isn’t avoidable. You might confuse customers or already have present hype around those names.

Use Online Fantasy Name Generators

There are many name generating tools online. Since they are free, you might be tempted to use any random one. However, you need to understand that your needs are specific. Thus, you should only look at name generating tools that tilt more towards fantasy names than regular names. 

The distinction between regular name generating tools and fantasy name generating tools is like the difference between a generalist and a specialist. Generalists have varied skills suited to different tasks. Conversely, specialists have a limited skill set suited to a particular niche.

What Are Magical Business Names

Magical business names can go either of two ways. You could have names that are surprisingly delightful and beautiful in ways that are out of the norm. Also, you could have names that seem to come from magical stories, spells, or magic culture.


It is difficult to create great fantasy company names unless the names already convey a certain level of awesomeness. It’s even more difficult to know how to create a great fictional company name. This is because most of the time, no matter how good the name, it won’t do anything for your plot. So why don’t you let fantasy business name generators do all the work for you?

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