A Complete Guide to Naming an LLC

Registering as an LLC has many benefits. But before you do that, you will need to come up with a great LLC name. If you have difficulty brainstorming ideas, then you’re in luck. This guide is complete with LLC example names that you can refer to.

It’s important to note that LLC must be part of your business name. Other factors also need to be considered when choosing a name. We’ll discuss all that and more. Keep on reading!

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What is an LLC?

An LLC is a type of business organization that offers a level of tax benefit not found in partnerships and sole proprietorship. The company’s core activity can be providing a service or selling a product. The LLC is also the owner of the property or the labor of the company.

An LLC is often considered a limited liability company or an entity. These vary in structure, depending on the states’ laws or countries where they are formed. LLC is available in many countries, including the United States, Canada, and countries in Europe.

How to Choose the Perfect LLC Name

Deciding on an LLC name is not an easy process. And before you decide on anything, make sure your potential LLC Name checks all these boxes.

1. Descriptive

It shouldn’t be hard for a client to tell what your services are through your name. Try adding some related keywords or phrases to your name to make it more descriptive.

Using a descriptive name can also help you in SEO (search engine optimization). You can still be creative while keeping your LLC name descriptive.

2. Simple and Short

One of the keys to all successful business names is their recognizability. And to do that, a business name needs to be short and simple. The simpler your LLC name is, the easier it is to remember. Don’t overcomplicate your name. A great way to check is if it’s easy to spell and pronounce.

3. Unique

Choose a name that won’t have close similarity to competitors. A unique name is sure to will help you stand out. Brand experts advise starting business names with a hard consonant or incorporating alliteration so that they become more memorable.

4. Research

Researching your potential business name is very important. You can use online tools to determine if the name you want has been taken. It’s also important to check if there is an available domain name for it. 

5. Use Online Marketing Tools

Online marketing tools can help make sure that you use the correct keywords to optimize your business name. It will also improve your SEO and put you on top of search engine lists.

LLC Example Names

  • Slimming Beauty
  • Lightbulb LLC.
  • Career Coach
  • Watch Group Inc.
  • Phoenix Inc
  • Traveler’s Tale
  • Iron Group
  • Time Flies
  • Roll Up
  • Happy
  • The Mentor
  • Ace Station


Can I still change my LLC name?

You can change your LLC name. But this can be a complicated and long process. To change your business entity to a new name, you will need to file paperwork with your state. And they will generally require a name change filing fee.

Is an LLC name the same as a business name?

Your LLC’s name can vary from your business trademark, which you use in marketing your business. There is no legal requirement that they have to match. 

Should I add LLC to my name?

Some states require you to include LLC in the name of your company. You can include it in other ways like:

  • Ltd. 
  • LLC.
  • LLC.
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Limited Liability Co

Remember you don’t have to include this information in your trademark, including the business name you use in your logo or business cards.

To Wrap Up

Naming an LLC can take a lot of time. But knowing the things you need to consider will make your search for the perfect name easier. Don’t forget to follow the tips we’ve mentioned here. You can also look to other LLC example names for inspiration.

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