Sweet Business Name Ideas for Candy Shops

So you’ve decided to start a candy shop and need to come up with the perfect name for your business. You’ll need a catchy name that captures the essence of the sweets you will market. Essentially, you need sweet business name ideas.

It is a good idea to develop a business name that is both evocative and short. For example, if you plan on selling chocolate-covered pretzels, a good name would be Pretz or Choco Pretz. Names like Tasty Sweets, Yummy Chocolate, Yogurt Supplements & More are also good.

One of the most important things about the name of your candy shop is that it sounds nice to say. Ideally, it’s something that’s easily associated with sweets, chocolate, or other yummy treats.

Loads of colorful candies carefully sorted by their types.
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How to Develop Sweet Business Name Ideas

Sweets are available in many varieties. If your shop prefers to sell a specific type of candy (say lollipops, for example), you can use this in your business name. It expresses what your shop is all about. Let’s look at more specific tips for getting sweet business name ideas.

1. Make Sure That Your Name Is Simple and Short

Simplicity is critical. Ensure that your name is not longer than three words. Avoid misspelled and complex names that are difficult to remember, pronounce and spell. It is easiest to create simple and sweet names with adjectives and nouns. 

2. Names That Are Funny and Cute

Another great idea is to create a name that is funny and cute. When customers hear or see your name, they should smile at your ingenuity. Here are a few examples: Doctor Sweet or Gumtastic Flavors(if you’re selling gummies).

3. Avoid Limiting Your Names

If your products have sweet flavors, you can choose from a range of food store names that would evoke a passion for sweets. Remember to name your shop after the flavors of your products, and also give some thought to what flavor your store will project. Will you be serving something sweet? Then you might need an appealing, simple, short and recognizable name.

4. Observe the Names of Other Competitors

You’re definitely not the first in the business. Look around the market and observe the names of other competitors by what they have in the market. Make a list of those names and see if there is any category or trend in their names that you can learn from.

To Wrap Up

When settling on a name, you first have to make sure that your chosen name is not already trademarked. The last thing your business needs is trademark problems.

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