Get Creative with Website Name Generators

A website name generator is a tool that allows you to generate random names and words that are related to a certain business.

It helps you generate a lot of additional possible names and suggestions, so you can have your pick of the best one. Most of these online tools are free to use. And it can get the job done in just a few minutes!

Let’s face it, coming up with a good website name can take a long time. It not only has to be catchy, but it should also be easy to spell and pronounce. It has to make you stand out.

There are a lot of other factors you’ll need to weigh. Website name generators make it easier and help you find your perfect website name!

Popular Website Name Generators

There are a ton of online website generators you can check out. All of them are developed to make it easier for web developers to come up with creative, aesthetically pleasing websites. Some generators are limited to a certain niche. So you’ll want to find the name generator that works best with what you’re looking for.

Below are a few popular generators that have been around for quite some time, and they’re still used by many today.


INK is an AI-powered tool that helps generate cookie business names within seconds. What’s more, the process is pretty straight-forward.

You just have to enter the relevant keyword and allow the tool handle the rest.

Name Ideas Generator

The Name Ideas Generator can give you a long list of business names that have various domain extensions. It lets you know which domain names are available. Another one of its features includes being able to utilize search engine-generated keywords.


Another great generator that’s worth checking out is GoDaddy. They’re among the most popular ones on this list, and for good reasons. It’s very easy to use and can give you plenty of name suggestions. It’s great if you’re new to using name generators.

Blog Tyrant

You can use Blog Tyrant to generate names for your domain for free. And it’s also very simple to use. The great thing about this particular generator is that it saves you time from scrolling through all the domain names. It only shows you the ones that are available.

Name Mesh

To generate domain names using Name Mesh, all you have to do is type in 2-3 keywords. You don’t have to go over complicated settings, unlike with other generators. It also organizes the name results into categories like new, short, similar, etc.

Domain Wheel

If you want a more optimized name generator, then try out Domain Wheel. It is equipped with AI technology to help produce better website names.

Name Station

Name Station can generate a ton of great website names for you. It also lets you search existing domain names. And the unique part about this generator is that you can crowdsource your website name and get creative inputs from the community.

Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify isn’t just a shopping platform. It also offers free tools for business owners. One of these tools is its business name generator. You can use it for free, and it’s also very user-friendly.

How to Choose a Good Business Name

Here are some quick things to consider when choosing a good business name:

Easy to Spell and Pronounce

Overcomplicated and lengthy website names make it hard for customers to remember it. It also makes it harder to type, and this can make customers lose interest in visiting your site.


Make sure your site name is catchy and easy to remember. A boring or generic website name will limit your ability to attract visitors and generate revenue. Most people avoid websites that have dull names and are more likely to pick one of the better names before continuing on their search.

Brand Consistency

Make sure your domain name is related to your brand. Use a name that reflects the quality of your products. When you create your business, you want your site name to translate something about what you offer to the customer. 


Your business will keep growing and evolving, so make sure that you pick a website name that won’t limit you. You want a domain name that’s specific but not too specific. This will make it easier to explore other products or industries in the future.


  • Can I trademark my website name?

Yes, you may choose to trademark your website name. It can cost you some money to trademark your website name, but it will protect you from brand theft. It’s a great investment in growing your company.

  • Are website name generators free?

Some online website name generators offer their services for free. But they may charge you for using some of their premium features. 

  • Can I still change my domain name in the future?

If you change your mind about your current domain name, you can still change it. It can be a tedious process. You will need to purchase your new domain name and migrate your site to the new domain. Another thing you have to do is inform all your customers about the change.

  • What is Full Domain Name Privacy?

To Wrap Up

Creative website name ideas are hard to come by. But by using website name generators, you’ll be able to save a lot of time. You’ll also be sure your website name is optimized, unique, and memorable.

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