Writing Doctors Note Template for Travel Cancellation

A doctor’s note for travel cancellation is a letter detailing why a patient must cancel their trip, usually due to an illness or injury.

Although surgical procedures are the most common cause, additional factors such as recent discharge from the hospital could also affect travel cancellation.

Let’s examine the typical contents of a doctor’s note and a formal letter sample to the airline requesting for refund and flight cancellation.

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Typical Contents in a Doctor’s Note

A doctor’s note provides proof and essential information to support the decision to cancel the travel. A typical doctor’s note should consist of the following:

  • Date, Name, and Address
  • Medical condition or symptoms requiring travel cancellation
  • Start date of symptoms or condition and progress report
  • Signature of doctor
  • Contact Details

With your doctor’s letter, you may want a refund of funds since you are no longer traveling. Here’s a sample doctor’s note and a refund letter requesting trip cancellation and reimbursement of funds.

Doctors Note Template for Travel Cancellation

Doctor's Note for Travel Cancellation | Printable Medical Forms, Letters &  Sheets
Doctor’s Note for Travel Cancellation | Printable Medical Forms, Letters & Sheets

Sample Letter for Travel Cancellation and Refund

Frances Bullock

3090 George Lane Dayton,

Ohio 87601

August 18, 2022

XYZ Fly Services 4534

Central Street Akron,

Ohio 43215

Dear Sir/Madam:

My family and I must cancel our Paris trip for August 12, 2022. Although we had hoped for a pleasant vacation, we could not go owing to a medical issue.

I have been under my doctor’s care for backache and spinal problems, which will prevent me from traveling. Please find attached for your records the doctor’s report and an official letter stating my inability to work.

My travel insurance policy number is 9846-0927-0134-4337. According to the policy, I am entitled to reimbursement of the total cost minus a $200 deductible.

Please send this money to my residence, which is indicated above. I am responding within the thirty-day timeframe required for reimbursement of these funds in full.

I regret any inconvenience this may have caused and would like to reschedule our trip. 

Please feel free to call me anytime on my cell phone at 234-323-234 if you have any questions. Additionally, you can email me at francesbull@gmail.com.

Thank You,

Frances Bullock

To Wrap Up

If you’ve been sick or have health challenges, you may need to reschedule your flight based on your doctor’s orders.

It doesn’t matter how meticulously you plan. Your travel schedule may need to be adjusted at the last minute once you are pronounced not fit to fly.

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