Better Guide to Cancel a Job Interview

If you encounter a situation where you need to write a job interview cancellation email, make sure it is polite and cordial. It’s crucial to formally and promptly cancel any job interviews you have scheduled if you have accepted a different job offer. Or it could be that the job offer is not the ideal option for you.

Whether you want to cancel or reschedule a job interview, it’s best to let your employer know your decision via a formal email. This article discusses the steps to cancel a job interview via email.

Why Write a Job Interview Cancellation Email?

If you need to cancel your interview, let the employer know immediately. It allows your potential employer to continue the hiring process and consider someone else on the waiting list.

Giving proper notice of your cancellation can also show professionalism and keep the hiring manager in the loop. This is important if you believe you would want to apply with them again in the future.

There are various reasons why you might need to cancel an interview, which includes:

  • You got into a medical emergency.
  • You decided to change your career path or continue your studies.
  • Another preferable company offered you a job
  • You have to relocate and cannot travel to the company’s office.
  • After learning more about the company or position, you decided you weren’t the right fit.

Is It Unprofessional to Cancel a Job Interview?

Are you wondering if it’s unprofessional to email a company regarding interview cancellation? You may have heard some people say that you should never cancel an interview, no matter what, because it would ruin your reputation. But that’s not true!

The truth is that an interview cancellation isn’t necessarily wrong. It all depends on the situation and how you communicate with the employer.

The key is to be courteous towards the company and provide a valid reason for the inconvenience. Most companies have no issues rescheduling because they know that emergencies can happen.

If you’re no longer interested in the role or have accepted a different offer, it’s best not to waste the interviewer’s time and resources.

How to Cancel an Interview by Email

If you’re not interested in the position and want to cancel the interview, make sure to write a formal email to the interviewer. It is polite to inform the interviewer that you have withdrawn your application or wish to decline the interview with a well-crafted email. Here are some key steps to keep in mind when canceling an interview via email:

Notify About Cancellation As Soon As Possible

You should notify the recruiting manager as soon as you decide to cancel an interview. This is even more important if you need to schedule your interview for a later date.

If possible, always try to cancel the interview at least a day in advance. Proper notice beforehand shows you respect others’ time and also demonstrates your professionalism. This can also help you in the rescheduling process.

Request to Reschedule If Necessary

You can still try to reschedule the interview if unavoidable circumstances prevent you from attending. Email the interviewer with the times you are available for the interview. Make sure to express your regret for the inconvenience and let them know you are still interested in the job.

Offering your justification for the change in plans can help ensure they understand the situation. If you are a strong candidate, the hiring manager might be flexible with the time of your interview.

Be Brief and Polite

You don’t have to give a reason for canceling an interview, although doing so is expected in this situation. If you do provide an explanation, make sure it is short and relevant. You can explain your reasons in a few sentences.

Be polite in your words. This is especially important if you need to apply for another position in the same company or perhaps the same recruiting manager. Thank the person for their time and apologize for the cancellation. You can keep your professional network by being courteous.

Specify Your Interview Details

Specify the date, time, and location of the interview in your email. Also, mention the job you intended to interview for. Make it as simple as possible for hiring managers to recognize you fast.

This is important because they can evaluate multiple applications for various positions at once. Providing the information might aid them in locating your interview time on the calendar and making time management decisions.


When many people are job-hunting, it can seem like a difficult process, especially regarding job interviews. But there are times when you must cancel one job interview to attend a more desirable one or for personal reasons.

Whatever might be the case, make sure to inform your interviewer beforehand through a job interview cancellation email. This article explains why you must write an email for a job interview cancellation and how to write one while maintaining professionalism.

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