Effective Guide to Start Writing Cancellation Emails

Nothing lasts a lifetime. Even the most dedicated consumers can decide to stop using your service if it doesn’t meet their needs. There are numerous possible reasons why this can happen. But the most pressing issue when a consumer cancels a service is how you handle the cancellation email.

This article outlines some sample cancellation email templates along with the best practices for writing one.

What Is a Cancellation Email?

A cancellation email is a transactional email sent out after a user cancels a paid subscription, contract, or event. Lack of support, high prices, a lack of features, technical difficulties, and poor onboarding can all cause users to leave. As soon as a person cancels their subscription, you should send a cancellation email.

When Should You Send a Cancellation Email?

There are two actions that trigger a cancellation email. Either the customer cancels a paid subscription, or the subscription ends automatically due to late payment.

Late payment causes the subscription to expire, and you will need to address the issue within your team. Before a customer’s membership expires, you may use in-app notifications to notify them, so they remember to renew.

When a customer intentionally cancels a membership, take the opportunity to make a positive impression through a solid cancellation email.

Best Practices for Cancellation Emails

It is imperative that you follow the cancellation email best practices before sending a cancellation email. This will guarantee that your email will go through and reach your prospecting target.

Following the best practices while writing cancellation emails can help you win your customers back and increase retention.

Keep your message short and simple

Cancellation email messages should be short, simple, and considerate. Emails with long messages are hard to read. And the reader does not want to finish if they are not interested in the subject matter at hand.

Concise and clear emails that notify cancellations are more effective. You should just mention the following four points in your email:

  • Thank your customers for their support.
  • Confirm that their cancellation process is underway.
  • Request feedback to learn the cause of their cancellation.
  • Assure them that they will be welcomed if they ever wish to return.

Request cancellation reasons from customers

A well-written and personalized email will go a long way to convincing your customer to give you a second chance. It can be difficult to discover why consumers cancel and how you failed them, but knowing the reasons can be valuable for your business.

Analyzing the causes of cancellations is very important. It always offers a great chance to use consumer input to enhance your product for prospective clients and lower your churn rate.

Show Care and Empathy in your Language

Although cancellation emails should typically be short, they don’t have to be unduly formal or cold. It’s important to address your reader’s needs in the best possible way. You should not be too aggressive, but show you care by describing your understanding of their situation.

Even if it’s an automated message, you may want to personalize it. Say something like, “We’d want you to stay, but we understand that cancellations happen,” to emphasize that there are no hard feelings.

Sample Cancellation Email Templates

Sending a cancellation email on your own can be challenging. Below are two templates to start with, which will also give you a better idea of how to write an effective email.

General subscription cancellation email

Hi [Name],

We appreciate your participation in the [company/brand] community. Your subscription has been successfully canceled as requested, and your credit card will no longer be charged.

We’d love to know about your experience. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for how to make our [Product/Service] better for you and other customers.

Please take the survey and help us improve.

Just so you know, you’ll still be able to access [your account, data, message history, free features, etc.]. You can resume your subscription at any time if you decide you want to keep using the [Product/Service].

Hopefully, you’ll be around soon!

[Your Signature]

Friendly non-automated cancellation email

Hey [Name],

We noticed that you canceled your [Product/ Service] account. Don’t worry! Your request is under process.

Was it lacking something you required, or did you expect something different? We would love to hear from you so that we can improve [Product/Service] with your feedback.

Best Regards, [Your Signature]


Cancellation emails are vital for today’s customers as many people have to monitor their inboxes for messages from various companies every day. When sending a cancellation email to your customers, it is important to make your communication clear, polite, and friendly.

Keep in mind that this message is going to the customer, and it is imperative that the language is personalized. The sample cancellation email templates in this article will help you create an effective cancellation email in no time.

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