How to Come Up With Keywords for YouTube Channels

Keywords for your YouTube channel are phrases that inform and contextualize YouTube about your channel. They aid YouTube in comprehending the kind of material you provide and your intended audience.

You can improve the visibility of your channel on YouTube by using optimized channel keywords. YouTube determines the general subject and genre of your channel by using the following:

  • Channel Keywords
  • Your Channel Description
  • Videos you upload

When you correctly optimize your channel’s keywords, you may raise all of your channel’s individual ranks. That’s why, for today’s article, we decided to create a guide on description keywords for YouTube channels!

YouTube Channel Keywords — What Are They?

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Meta tags for YouTube channels are what users use to find your channel on YouTube, Google, and other search engines. Although they serve somewhat different functions, channel tags are similar to video tags.

A channel may have numerous videos because a single expert can handle multiple tasks. Therefore, the definition of a channel is more expansive than a video’s.

This reasoning enables us to identify the effects of various tag types and establish guidelines for selecting effective keywords.

The words and phrases you use on your channel to describe yourself and your typical activities are known as channel keywords. Because they aid YouTube’s algorithm in selecting the channels and related videos to use when recommending your content. As such, they are crucial components that can draw viewers to you.

Your goal in using channel keywords is to give YouTube details about your niche, the kind of content you produce, and your target market.

YouTube bases your channel’s classification on the information in your description, channel tags, and the videos you upload. To match your content with relevant channels, topics, and videos, YouTube SEO also depends on the metadata you supply.

Google will only index your YouTube videos if you provide enough metadata and information to make it easy to find your content.

How To Write Description Keywords for YouTube Channels?

When choosing your channel’s keywords, start by considering the service or benefit you want to offer your target audience. Make a list of words and phrases you believe your target audience will use to search. Next, look up relevant YouTube keywords.

It may seem counterintuitive to have words or phrases prepared for channel tags before conducting a keyword search. However, conducting research will assist you in organizing the words to correspond with what viewers are searching for.

You should use keywords to draw viewers and subscribers to your channel.

To get keyword suggestions, use YouTube Autocomplete. However, it might not be enough to give you an advantage over your rivals.

You should look for phrases or long-tail keywords to include when looking for channel keywords or video tags. Additionally, ensure the keywords you choose have little to no competition and high search volume.

Take a look at your rivals’ “About” pages. Examine the language they used in their channel description and how it was written.

You can also find their channel keywords by selecting “View Page Source” from the context menu when you right-click on the “About” section.

You might also want to review keyword mapping before adding tags to your channel and new videos. This is how you ensure that relevant content on your YouTube channel has keywords.

You shouldn’t use the exact keywords on your channel and video tags.

The same keyword might make you have several top-ranked videos, but you shouldn’t put your content in direct competition with it. You would be better off investing your time and energy in optimizing your channel and videos for specific keywords.

Your channel description, tag, title, and video can be more effectively attributed with relevant keywords if you map your keywords from the beginning.

Example Description Keywords for YouTube Channels

Now that we know how description keywords can affect your channel’s visibility we will look at some examples.

For example, Demolition Ranch, which makes firearms based content on YouTube, has the following description: NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUN CHANNEL.

Or, Bald and Bankrupt, which is a travel channel that specializes in former Soviet Republics. Here is the description: First Englishman to be made a Thief in Law by the Russian criminal hierarchy. Winner of Babushka Secret’s most eligible bachelor 2021. Survivor of the Gulag.


You should always be mindful of how you name your channel and how you showcase your videos. Your channel’s description has a lot of thought that went into it, the way it is written is a reflection of that. Make sure it’s properly specified and found in searches for accurate coverage.

If you found this guide useful for you, perhaps share it with your friends so that they can also optimize their channel!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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