Growth Tips for Your YouTube Gaming Channel

Gaming is a very popular niche on YouTube. So it’s no wonder why so many gamers are starting their own channels. If you plan on following suit, it’s essential to know some key points on how to grow gaming channel on YouTube. And this article is here to give you just that.

Starting your channel is a challenging task. You must consistently create interesting gaming content to attract and keep your subscribers.

Some channels work for months, if not years, to gain a stable subscriber count. But the tips in this article aim to make that easier and faster for you. So keep on reading to find out how.

A gaming station with two monitors and recording equipment.
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What Do You Need for a Youtube Gaming Channel?

To set up your channel for success, you need the right equipment to record your videos. Here are some of the things you need to get your YouTube gaming channel off the ground.

Gaming Device

Will you play on your computer, laptop, phone, or video game console? Whatever it is, make sure it can handle the game you plan to play. You don’t want your video recording disrupted by lagging devices.

High Definition Camera

A high-definition camera is one of the most important things you need to record your videos. You can use digital cameras, webcams, or even your phone with good camera features. 


A good quality microphone is also a must for recording your videos. This is especially helpful when you’re recording gaming reviews, reactions, or interviews.

Screen Recording Software

Choose a reliable screen recording software for recording your gameplays. You can use this for making walkthrough videos or gaming tutorials.


Everything looks better under the right lighting. Make sure to get the proper lighting equipment. You can use ring lights, LED lights, and overhead lights to make your videos look professional and give them a more defined quality.

Appealing intro and outro

Let’s not forget your channel intro and outro. This is what starts and ends your videos, so make sure they’re attractive to viewers. Keep it short, punchy, and relevant to the content. You can have a beautiful in-game footage intro of your current game and then smoothly transition into your video.

How to Grow Gaming Channel on YouTube

Optimize Your YouTube Videos

Optimizing your videos can get them more visibility on YouTube leading to more new subscribers. You can optimize everything from your title, video description, and channel about page. Do your keyword research and get to know the keywords that get the most searches. Use these keywords whenever relevant to your content.

Upload Consistently

Set a schedule for your uploads. You don’t want to upload too often. Your audience may get tired of it. And you also don’t want to upload too few videos and risk losing your audience. Try to spread your uploads over the week. One to three uploads a week is a decent number.

Engage with Your Audience

You want to build a community with your subscribers. And to do that, you need to engage with them. This can be as simple as replying to their comments or sharing posts they’ve tagged you in.

Go live

Live streams are very popular now, especially for gaming content. They provide your viewers with new, exciting content and help keep them engaged. It’s a lot more interactive and personal than watching a video.

Work With Other YouTubers

Connect with other Youtubers in the same niche as you and try collaborating on videos. This will ensure your video gets more exposure because of the collective views of your supporters.

Promote your Channel on Social Media

Go on your social media accounts and spread the word about your channel. Leverage your followers and turn them into your channel subscribers.

Establish Your Voice

There’s a lot of competition in the gaming niche, so it’s important to establish your voice. Be unique by incorporating your personality into your videos. 

Gaming video ideas for YouTube

The gaming niche is pretty broad, and there’s an endless list of content ideas that you can work on. Here are just some of them:

  • Live Stream your gameplay
  • Make a game analysis video
  • Make How to videos
  • Host gaming challenges
  • Make game reviews videos
  • Make personal info videos
  • Gaming Q&A
  • Share gaming news
  • Make videos about easter eggs
  • Make speed run videos
  • Create a compilation video
  • Game highlights
  • Gaming walkthrough
  • Gaming reaction
  • Interview videos

Final Words

Turn your passion for gaming into a profitable YouTube channel by learning how to grow gaming channel on YouTube. Remember to keep up with the newest games and trends. Stay connected with your audience so that you can provide them with entertaining content for years to come.

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