A Guide on Writing Interview Questions for Call Center

Are you trying to apply to become a customer service representative for a business process outsourcing (BPO) company? Have you already prepared yourself for the procedures you will undergo? You must learn how to answer common interview questions in call center to pass the screening part.

If you are trying to apply as a CSR for a BPO company, you must have impeccable English speaking and writing skills. This one is imperative because you will have to converse with people worldwide. You can showcase your linguistic expertise through the interview process.

That’s why you might find this article helpful in preparing you to answer common interview questions in call center. You will learn a few tips on how to answer some inquiries alongside possible answers. Sit back, relax, and take note!

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What is a Call Center?

Have you ever encountered an unsatisfactory experience with your credit card? Can you remember who you talked to while trying to address the issue?

The person that helped you solve the problem is called a customer service representative (CSR). They work for a call center, typically under a business process outsourcing (BPO) company.

The purpose of this department is to address the customer’s concerns in a systematic manner. BPO companies train CSRs to converse professionally with clients and help them resolve urgent matters excellently.

In countries like the Philippines and India, becoming a CSR is one of the most common job opportunities available in the workforce. 

Preparing to Answer Common Interview Questions in Call Center

Applying to become a call center agent or CSR is no easy feat. Most BPO companies are looking for applicants that have great communication skills.

It makes a lot of sense since your primary responsibility is to converse with concerned, if not angry, customers. That’s why you should prepare and equip yourself before undergoing the interview process.

Another skill you should show is your problem-solving abilities. Most customers you will encounter in your calls will complain about something. Having a respectful attitude and quick reaction to issues will help you become a versatile CSR.

This section will show you a few examples of common interview questions in a call center.

10 Common Questions and Answers You Should Remember

1. How Well Do You Understand the Role of A Customer Service Representative?

It is the role of a call center representative to answer questions and offer solutions to customers over the phone. If you’re applying for a call center position, it’s important to know the expectations of the role. You should expound on what value you will bring to the organization.

If you are reading the job description, explain what skills you can use to address the requirements of the position. Make sure that you demonstrate your ability to navigate the role’s responsibilities and meet business goals.


As a call center representative, I would be the first point of contact for incoming callers. Identifying the best solution to customer questions or concerns is something that I am a master of. 

As soon as a caller came to refill a prescription, I would assist them. I will help them complete the refill over the phone. In addition, I would provide instructions on how to navigate the website and prescription portal. I will also ensure that the caller can complete the task again in the future.

With strong communication skills, I can teach customers how to use the company’s helpful online tools. Also, I will assist them in completing tasks they may not know how to accomplish.

2. What Skills Are Necessary For Accomplishing CSR Responsibilities?

Customers require skills such as empathy, active listening, speaking, problem-solving, and time management. Companies mention the abilities they are looking for in the job description, so make sure to address those prerequisites with examples when possible. 


The most important skills are listening, critical thinking, and multitasking. Should you give me this position, I would be able to listen to a customer’s concerns. Also, I can help identify a solution, and provide them with comprehensive solutions.

Additionally, I believe that a good attitude is critical in this role. It gives customers a positive impression of the company and makes them feel heard.

3. For You, What Is Quality Customer Service?

Customer service from helpful, knowledgeable, and kind representatives is critical for a successful call center. To produce an outstanding answer, you should explain your experience treating customers with respect, resolving conflict, and putting their needs first. 

If you have no experience in customer service, worry not! It may be helpful for you to answer this question in terms of how you prefer to be treated as a customer.

You should illustrate the quality of customer service in both cases. Ensure to express what value it brings to the company and how you assure quality customer service to each caller.


Quality customer service is being able to empathize with a customer and view their issues as your own. For example, the caller who wanted to refill a prescription online might not have understood how the online portal worked.

If I were in the customer’s position, I would want the representative to explain the online system. I think it is essential, so I can do the process by myself in the future.

As the representative, I would understand the fact that the caller might not be familiar with the online portal. I would be patient as I walked through each step. A thoughtful, comprehensive solution is what I would appreciate as a customer, so I would aim to provide the same for my callers.

4. What Are Your Methods in Talking to Clients?

There are call centers that supply scripts to representatives to use when on a call. On the other hand, some train them on standardized practices. The call guidelines ensure that representatives meet quality service standards and allow the customer to ask more questions. 

Do your best to demonstrate your process from the beginning until the end of your interview. You should list each step and the purpose it serves.

Start by being introduced to the caller. Next, ask for their name and information. Afterward, ask them about how you can help them.

Lastly, end the call with the opportunity for you to provide any additional assistance. 


I begin each call by introducing myself, thanking the customer for calling, and asking for their name. Exchanging our names helps me personalize the customer’s experience.

I also find that thanking the customer for taking the time to call us lets them know they are valued. After learning the customer’s name, I ask how I can be of service and then reassure them that I can help.

If they are calling to address an issue they have, I also apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. These steps allow me to build trust with the customer.

When the call comes to a close, I always ask if there is anything else I can help them with. This opportunity allows them to ask any follow-up questions.

I ended the call by thanking them for their call and continued patronage. This is my last opportunity to ensure they had a positive experience.

5. How Will You Address Calls From Angry Customers?

You should know how to navigate challenging customer conversations if you want to succeed as a call center representative. While resolving the customer’s issue and creating a positive experience for the person, it is important to remain respectful.

Depending on your circumstances, you may need to follow certain protocols or bring your supervisor in.

Use the STAR method to describe the situation, explain what task you need to complete, your actions, and the results of your effort. Use an example from your own experience or discuss a hypothetical scenario.

STAR pertains to the situationtaskaction, and result of the situation you are trying to explain.


I had a customer who was very upset about his subscription service, which did not meet his expectations. As the representative, I apologized for the inconvenience and assured him that I would research his issue.

After gathering more details, I discovered he was having connectivity issues due to a lapse in updating his software. I explained the issue and the solution to update his software, but he explained that he was considering canceling his service altogether.

The customer agreed to a brief hold while I discussed with my supervisor possible reparation for the inconvenience. I was able to give the customer an additional month of service at no charge.

The customer seemed pleased with my solution and thanked me for solving his issue. He even agreed to sign up for additional service with us.

6. Tell Us About The Most Challenging Concern You Helped Address

Your job is to provide the customer with a solution to their problem and encourage them to use your product or service. Show your ability to troubleshoot issues, solve problems, and satisfy customer demands with your answer. 

Use the STAR method to describe the situation, actions taken, and results. If you don’t have an example, you might want to describe possible scenarios customers may encounter.


I once had a customer call about having his subscription terminated without his consent. However, I apologized for the inconvenience and asked for his account information.

I reviewed his account and discovered there was a billing error. Afterward, I explained to the customer that he would need to update his credit card information.

I offered to update his billing information over the phone and helped him resume his service.

7. How Can You Help Improve Customer Experience?

There will always be something to improve when it comes to providing the best customer service. Training, asking for feedback, and reviewing customer satisfaction survey numbers are some ways to do so.

The answer should describe your willingness to learn and adapt new techniques and policies. Emphasize how these can create the best customer experience possible.


My supervisor reviewed my customer satisfaction survey results each quarter as part of my previous position. Training on the specific service and advanced customer interaction techniques has been requested.

For this position, I want to expand on that practice through your customer service training program. I am eager to continue to improve my survey numbers as well.

8. How Do You Market Your Company’s Products and Services?

It might be recommended that you offer additional products or services as additions to your current account with the company. Sales positions and customer service helplines are among these roles.

Let the customer know how they would benefit from purchasing a product or service. You can do this as you demonstrate your knowledge of the product or services. Also, you may discuss how you would sell these effectively.

The strategy indicates you have researched the company and that you are capable of helping them achieve its sales goals.


If customers call about a certain product, I listen to what they need. Afterward, I will introduce similar or additional products that would further help them. Suppose a customer wanted your bookkeeping software and was planning to use it for billing at her small business.

As the representative, I would answer any questions she had about the bookkeeping software and its compatibility with her company. I would also be sure to mention the add-on software that makes bookkeeping in a small company much simpler. 

By explaining the benefits, the customer can see how the combination of the main software and the add-on can solve her billing issues. She can then make her own informed decision to purchase without feeling that I have pushed her to do so.

9. Why Do You Want to Become a CSR?

This question is asked to applicants without CSR experience.

When answering this question, it is important to be honest, and sincere. If your objective is to earn higher for yourself or your family, then it’s fine to say so.

But don’t focus too much on the money factor. Try to steer the conversation by saying that you want to work in the BPO industry.

Focus on what you can offer, your skills, and your experiences.


I believe that working as a Customer Service Representative allows me to earn enough to sustain my family’s daily needs and my brother’s education. Furthermore, this job can also give me opportunities to build my career and have a better future.

10. How Long Do You Prefer To Work With Us?

Almost every BPO company prefers its employees to stay with them. Make sure your response will ensure that you will not leave them soon. 

Never mention transferring to another company or switching careers after several years.


As long as your company needs my services, I will stay in your company.


Truly, it is challenging to apply for a customer service representative (CSR) job opening. However, you can push yourself to do your best to perform well during the hiring process. That is why it is essential for you to study common interview questions in call center.

Remember, your communication and problem-solving skills are essential in such a crucial industry. Your employers will be more than glad to hire you if you follow the tips provided above. As a rule of thumb, you should be professionalconcisereliable, and responsible with your answers.

Ready to get hired? Take note of everything you have learned from this article and become a CSR! You can do it!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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