Most Common Teacher Interview Questions With Answers

Interviews are a big part of the teacher selection process. They’re a great way to assess whether the applicant is a good fit for the profession. These interview questions can range from teaching strategies to your work experience. And one way you can ace these questions is by practicing your answers to some teachers interview questions.

The teaching profession requires strong communication and presentation skills. And by answering interview questions confidently, you can show them you have what it takes.

We’ve listed some of the most common interview questions they might ask you. We’ve included some answers to some of them too! Check them out and get some ideas. How would you answer them differently?

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Most Common Teacher Interview Questions With Answers

Why Do You Want to Teach?

This is a classic question interviewers ask. They’re looking to see how motivated you are to use your skills to teach and what drove you to this career path.

Consider explaining how you see teaching as an opportunity to help people learn. You can also talk about people who inspired you to pursue this profession.

Example Answer:

I became a teacher because my high school English teacher greatly influenced me. I used to hate reading, but she encouraged me to do so, and that kind of awakened something in me. Because of her, I saw the power of literature and the fulfillment that comes with teaching.

What Characteristics Do Students Expect Their Teachers to Possess?

Each student learns in different ways. A teacher needs to be able to adapt and vary their teaching style to suit the student’s needs.

With that in mind, explain what characteristics you consider most important for teachers to possess. You can also discuss how these traits benefit students and how you cultivate those qualities in yourself. 

Example Answer:

I think that students want a teacher who is dedicated and approachable. Teachers need to have a strong sense of work ethic and a desire to support students to achieve success. This is why I always make sure that I make every effort to stay connected with my students. And I try my best to motivate them to reach their potential.

How Do You Incorporate Discipline in Teaching?

Teachers will need to discipline their students. This is why knowing how to handle student behavior is essential.

If a student shows aggressive behavior, it is the teacher’s job to identify the source of the problem and hopefully prevent further disciplinary problems. Teachers are expected to be authoritative and effective in instilling the right values in students.

Example Answer:

If a teacher does not use the right disciplinary strategies, they cannot be effective. This is why I always make it a point to constantly discuss what’s right and wrong with my students. I also believe that classroom rules are very effective in imposing discipline.

Do You Agree That Technology Is Essential to Students’ Success?

Technology has become an essential tool in teaching. This is especially true with the recent need for online classes. To be a good teacher, you’ll need to acknowledge technology’s role in the classroom and how to use it to benefit students.

Example Answer:

The role of technology in the classroom is expanding, and this can be very helpful for students. It can help enhance their learning experience and teach them new relevant skills. However, technology can also be distracting, so setting limitations regarding its use is vital.

How Do You Solve Work Challenges?

Interviewers will be able to gauge your problem-solving skills based on your answer. As a teacher, you will be thrust with different work challenges, and you should be able to deal with them effectively.

Example Answer:

During the start of the pandemic, we were all forced to conduct classes online. This created a need for strategies that are easy to be implemented during online learning.

To deal with this work challenge, I created digital copies of classroom materials. This helped them cope with the classes more easily. It ensured the delivery of lessons that helped achieve the learning they needed. 

Other Common Teachers Interview Questions

Try answering these questions yourself. Remember to choose your words wisely and to highlight what makes you different from other candidates.

  • What role do you think technology plays in the classroom? 
  • How would your former students, peers, or administrators describe you?
  • Can you tell us more about your previous experiences in schools?
  • Could you give an instance of a pupil refusing to cooperate in class?
  • How do you feel about classroom observation and walkthroughs?
  • Do you have any tips for encouraging parents to support their children’s education?
  • What is the greatest challenge facing teachers today?
  • Where do you see yourself five to ten years from now?
  • What would be your teaching style if you could describe it in one word and explain why?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher?

Key Tips for a Successful Interview

Do Your Research

Before your interview, get to know the school you’re applying to. Check out their school website for their courses, staff, and curriculum. Additionally, learn more about the school’s history, vision, and mission.

Dress the Part

How you dress is the best way to set an excellent first impression. Make sure to wear something professional and appropriate for the interview. Show them that you are serious about the position. 

Practice Your Answers

Take the time to practice your answers to some common teachers interview questions. This will help you organize your thoughts so that you can be more confident when facing the interviewers. Try saying your answers out loud, so you can hear how you sound. You want to sound confident and sure of yourself, not nervous.

To Wrap Up

With a bit of preparation and practice, you’ll be able to tackle job interview questions confidently. Take note of these key tips, and try answering the questions in this article. These are sure to help you stand out in your next interview.

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