Basic Steps on How to Have a Startup Idea

Have you tried to figure out how to have a startup idea like Apple, Uber, or McDonald’s? Business ventures stem from starting with an idea and creating a concept from there.

We can derive some ideas from life experiences, observations, or stories. If you still can’t wrap your head around it, don’t worry!

This article defines the concept of a startup and the steps it takes to come up with a brilliant startup idea. Let’s get started!

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What is a startup?

A startup is a company that takes on a risk to pursue a bold idea subject to a high rate of growth and transition. Most startup companies are characterized by high risk and high return.

The term ‘startup’ refers to a company with few resources. In popular culture, “startups” are mostly limited to the digital sector. Startups implement new technology and incorporate web development innovation to bring new ideas to market.

Steps on how to have a startup idea

Like any other new business, the first step in building a startup is deciding on a business idea.

Your business idea will differ depending on whether you want to be a sole proprietor, a partner, or part of a corporation. However, it will always be based on an offer to satisfy a customer’s need. Read on!

1. Businesses Find Answers

Find a business with a need that you can fill with your product or service. Something that helps you get the job done is a useful tool.

A hammer was borne from someone who couldn’t put two boards together without using a nail and finding a tool to drive that nail.

The real difficulty lies in putting one’s spin on a beautiful idea. Finding the problem you want to solve is more important than simply finding any problem.

2. Keep a “Problem Journal”

Keep a pocket notebook in hand. Make a note of every issue that arises. The statements below are all examples of things that people dislike doing.

  • “I despise waiting for taxis.”
  • “I hate sweeping.”
  • “They can’t pay their rent.”
  • “Hotels creep me out.”

People disdain numerous issues, both great and minor, that need to be addressed. Companies and products like Uber, and Airbnb exist simply from intentionally recognizing these difficulties as opportunities. A single thought made this whole thing done.

3. Think of Common Issues

Review your written reflections from your journal. Which one is the most frustrating? What would it take to make it right?

Create sketches and test your concept by making a prototype and using it. Improve your answer by making the necessary adjustments.

The idea is that you should fix your issues before worrying about those of other people. When consumers can relate to your product or service because it solves a frequently encountered problem, your market potential increases dramatically.

4. Be enthusiastic about the Issue

Being enthusiastic about business is a rare trait. Your job should make people happy and care deeply about the issue you are attempting to address.

To succeed, you must inspire others to care about the issue and the potential solution you propose.

To that end, what is it that you despise having to deal with each day? What gets under your skin? The remainder of the progress hinges on this enthusiasm.

In the early, challenging stages of creating a firm, you’ll need something to keep you going. You will have bad days, but if you believe in your concept, you’ll also have a lot of amazing ones.

5. Know what’s feasible

Startups that solve problems nobody thought about are among the best there are. Creativity, right there!

Entrepreneurs’ failure to develop a great idea mainly comes from failure to fully explore all of their options.

To know what’s feasible, you must educate yourself and broaden your horizons. To appreciate anything, you have to try its limitations.

6. Use Your Creativity to Question Convention

Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Tesla are excellent illustrations. Find out what the commonalities are between these businesses.

Creating new value and pioneering new markets are two of their main selling points. To fix a problem they invented, they first had to develop it.

Nobody ever bothered to change their working methods until Apple and Microsoft came along. These madmen came up with the idea of putting a computer in every office around the globe.

Big businesses were no longer the only ones that could afford powerful computers like this. Now even a little company can take on the big boys. Just look at what a difference just one thought made!

7. Do your research

Be so invested in the concept that you can’t wait to devour any related information. This piece is crucial to the project.

Create the edge of the jigsaw first by extensive study. Learning to broaden your context is analogous to building the rest of the puzzle on top of that foundation.

Understanding the market is a must.

How will you get your product (if tangible) into as many people’s hands as possible so that you can help them?

  • What stores will carry your goods?
  • Can you describe your perfect client?
  • Can you name some of your rivals?
  • What would it cost to get rid of that issue?

Get out there and inquire. Start with those already in your inner circle, but don’t wait to venture out into the world to find potential consumers.

You can further your education by reading books, periodicals, and articles like this.


Now that you have the steps on how to have a startup idea, it’s time to make haste and make the dream come alive.

Remember that people want you to help them solve their difficulties. If you follow those steps, your company will succeed.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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