The Perfect Products to Sell on Etsy

Are you thinking of turning your hobby into a business? Etsy is the perfect place to sell your creative products and make money. You can sell anything from custom jewelry to hand-drawn illustrations. The number of small Etsy business ideas you can explore is endless.

In this article, we’re going to look at some of these ideas guaranteed to bring you the most success. There are millions of active sellers on Etsy, and finding an idea that stands out and fits your interests is essential.

Keep on reading if you want to see what the best Etsy business ideas are!

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What’s Etsy?

To those unfamiliar, Etsy is a popular website that allows people to buy and sell handmade goods. People can use the website to sell anything from books to hand-carved soap or a set of brightly colored skeins of yarn.

The website boasts billions of dollars in annual gross sales. And this means large revenue potential for those who are creative enough to sell successfully on Etsy. It’s a goldmine for skilled and creative people who want to make money doing what they love!

Small Etsy Business Ideas You Should Consider

Wedding Etsy Shop Ideas

One of the most popular event niches on Etsy is weddings. It has over six-million searches and counting. This is a very profitable business idea since people often buy wedding related items in bulk.

There are so many wedding products you can offer to clients, including:

  • Wedding Invitations
  • Wedding Bag Favor Tags
  • Reception Menus
  • Wedding Programs
  • Welcome Signs
  • Seating Plan Signs

Kid Toys and Activities

Parents are always looking for something to keep their kids entertained. Toys and activity kits are a great business idea to fill this demand.

  • Printable Matching Games
  • Flash Card Games
  • Scavenger (Treasure) Hunts
  • Chore Checklists
  • Family Trivia Night Sheets
  • Mother’s Day Games
  • Charade Games
  • Escape Room Games

Printable Greeting Cards

Greeting cards will never go out of style. And this makes them a very viable product to sell. People want their greeting cards personalized for the people they love, and you can do just that. You can either offer digital cards or printed ones.

  • Christmas Cards
  • Congratulatory Cards
  • Baby Shower Cards
  • Anniversary cards
  • Wedding Cards
  • Birthday Cards

Labels Etsy Shop Ideas

A lot of people need labels. It could be to keep their things organized or for small business to label their products.

You can create the labels on Canva or other applications and upload them to Etsy for buyers to print. Or you could also create templates that buyers can download and modify according to their needs.

  • Candle Labels
  • Labels for Kitchens or Pantries
  • Labels for personalized Champagne or Wine Bottles
  • Hand Sanitizer Labels
  • Gift Tag Labels for Presents

Inspirational Products Etsy Shop Ideas

The popularity of inspirational products is increasing across the web and among Etsy shop owners. It’s the perfect product for people who need that extra boost of motivation and inspiration.

Over the past few years, posters, banners, stickers, wall art, and inspirational quote t-shirts have all increased in sales. This is a great sign of a profitable business idea.

  • Printable Journal Prompts
  • Inspirational Mugs
  • Bookmarks with quotes
  • Printable Quote Cards & Calendars
  • Printable Spiritual/Religious Cards & Notes
  • Affirmation Cards
  • Clothes with Inspirational Messages
  • Bracelets & Necklaces
  • Inspirational Gifts

Digital Planners and Notebooks

You can sell digital planners and notebooks for little to no cost. And it’s perfect if you’re great with using Goodnotes or Notability. You can create several printable and downloadable planners, journals, and templates to sell.

  • Digital Planners
  • Notebook Covers
  • Digital Journals
  • Digital Notebooks

Jewelry Supplies Etsy Shop Idea

Jewelry supplies are huge on Etsy. You can sell earring studs, jewelry pliers, or jewelry beads. The only downside is you may need to invest a bit of capital and keep an inventory.

There are, however, printable jewelry supplies that you can sell for little to no capital.

  • Jewelry Product Catalog Templates
  • Jewelry Care Templates
  • Printable Bracelet & Ring Sizers
  • Jewelry Organizer
  • Printable Sewing Patterns

Travel Digital Printable Etsy Store Ideas

Everybody loves to travel, which has made travel printable products such a hit. Like all printable products, you won’t need to spend a lot just to get started.

  • Printable Travel Checklist
  • Travel Journal Kits
  • RV or Campervan Map
  • World Trip Activity Packs for Adults & Kids
  • Editable Plane Tickets
  • Boarding Passes for Gifts
  • Printable Flight Records
  • Printable Luggage Tags

Final Thoughts

A lot of people go to Etsy to find unique and creative gifts for friends and family. They can also commission a unique piece of art for a loved one. So if you’re into arts and crafts, it’s very easy to start these small Etsy business ideas and make some cash! 

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