How to Write Headlines that Attract Attention

Why do other people’s posts receive hundreds of clicks while your excellent, innovative studies continue to receive little attention? You may be overlooking one of the headlines’ most potent user attractions.

You might have observed how many people will share a published article after reading only the headline. Especially if you frequently use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Therefore, making their headlines as intriguing and “clickable” as possible is in the publishers’ best interests. But it’s also crucial to convey the article’s main ideas clearly and succinctly.

There is a reason why marketers emphasize the best headlines and calls to action over all other topics. The reason is that contrary to what most business owners believe, the best headlines and CTAs significantly increase conversion rates. 

So, today, we’ll look at how you write great headlines that attract attention to your content!

Why Creating a Good Headline Is a Must?

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Simply put, your customers and prospects will read your headlines first when looking at blog posts, articles, or advertisements. Not only that, but they’ll also look at the subject line of an email is equally important. They leave a good first impression so that readers will want to keep browsing, turn the page, leave the website, or delete the email.

Professional copywriters know that your headline’s main goal is to entice readers to read the first sentence; this is likely the most important copywriting rule. Furthermore, the more compelling your headline, the more likely readers will read your copy and become customers.

Not just blog posts are under discussion here. You probably write social media post headlines, requests for people to sign up for your email newsletter, descriptions of your pillar pages, and more. The most compelling headlines entice readers to continue looking. There you go. You are done if your headline cannot persuade readers to read.

It’s important to imagine yourself as one of those carnival pitchmen. They were responsible for persuading customers to throw three darts at a target or to hit the scale with a hammer.

The pitch was what attracted the crowd. The best headlines accomplish this exact same goal.

By confusing, tedious, ambiguous, and dull headlines, consumers are warned that the rest of your content will be equally lifeless. So that you can fulfill the promise made in the headline, you want people to believe you possess the goods. You can develop a following of devoted readers—and, hopefully, clients—if you do that frequently enough.

It takes skill to create captivating headlines, of course. Before settling on a draft that genuinely works, you might write ten different iterations. Let’s examine some of the most effective headlines to get you going.

Tips for Writing Excellent Headlines That Attract Attention

Write a headline that gets readers’ attention, and which ignites curiosity will help gain them interest and drive them to take action beyond reading the title. Include elements that are practical, moving, exciting, and compelling in some way. They should aim to inspire, frighten, anger, shock, or awe people, but most of all, they should aim to satisfy their curiosity. Compelling headlines are crucial because you only have a few seconds to capture a reader’s interest.

 A headline must convey valuable information in a few words, engaging the reader, providing a visual, and persuading readers to click. It is equally crucial that the headline be appropriate for the article’s subject matter. Otherwise, you’ll lose the reader very quickly. Consider the message you want news outlets to convey in their headlines before you write your headline. 

What tweet, for instance, would a journalist ideally post if they were to pick up your story? Afterward, use that as a basis for your headline. Stay away from clickbait. Sharing stories without reading them or confirming their veracity only worsens social media. In our capacity as communicators, we must contribute to the solution rather than to the issue. Let’s decide to tell customers the truth and then let the clicks come as they may.

Vibrant stories are the result of clear, concise, and compelling headlines. Be innovative and provocative in a creative way. Headline writing is critical if you want the media to use it as closely as possible to your version.

Most readers, except for well-known brands, won’t necessarily be familiar with your company’s product names. Your headline should concentrate on the “aha” moment of your story and be no more than a few words long. 

More Headlines That Attract Attention!

Here are some more tips that will get the help you need to create the best headlines for marketing!

Consider your article’s readers and how they might relate to its material. Make sure your readers will react strongly to the headline after that. Often, your headline is your sole chance to grab the reader’s attention! Use specifics rather than very vague, high-level keywords to let readers know what to expect from the article. Make the headline succinct and to the point rather than a lengthy description of the content’s subject matter. Finally, demonstrate to them that you have extracted the key findings. Here are some examples you can use that show how you can be more specific. Look at this example: 5 Tips To Make Your Headlines Better!

Short headlines are a standard error made by people. It’s best to use long headlines. You must use a sufficient number of words to pique interest and capture attention. What justifies a lengthy headline? The majority of the time, people only read it!

Don’t forget about the reader; don’t be afraid to use unconventional thinking. Remember that not all readers are created equal; some may prefer shocking headlines while others may find them repellent. The secret to drawing attention with headlines or other copy is to get to know your audience by experimenting and monitoring results.

The headline must be attention-grabbing for technical readers without immediately making them cynical. Making a claim is preferable, but make sure the article or release supports the claim with evidence. Anything else is just propaganda. It will also be appealing to that audience if it gives engineers a chance to learn something new.


We hope our guide that shows ways to write headlines that work helped you write ones for your own business! In any case, if you need more help to learn and more great examples, let us know!

Before we conclude, here one of the other ways that work at creating marketing friendly headlines: using a headline generator, like the one we have at INK! If you still have problems with making marketing friend headlines that just work, try out Google ads headline generator! You will be able to get the headline that you need in no time!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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