Key to Writing Effective Search Ad Headlines

Search ad headlines are some of the most important things to consider when delving into Google Ads. They have a direct impact on ad performance, and they can lead to an improved CTR. However, they aren’t as simple as they seem.

There are many things you need to pay attention to, and you need to learn how to highlight key things in your ad. It’s important to start with the basics to help you understand why this work is essential.

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This article will feature a few tips and examples for writing an effective search ad headline. Let’s begin.

What is a Search Ad?

A search ad is a Type of Google ad that appears above or beside website search results. The Google Search Engine uses a searcher’s keywords to determine the ads to present in SERPs.

A search ad typically runs during each of a campaign’s scheduled times and has a maximum duration. Brands and companies use search ads to extend their reach and to raise awareness of their brand, service, product, and campaign objectives.

They can link to a variety of places such as websites, landing pages, or product pages. They are essential to any business because they ease the purchase process, and they also generate traffic for your website.

The primary premise of using search ads is that they appear on the first place searchers check on the internet. – The SERPs.

Search ads are an effective way to promote your product or service on a platform that’s used by billions of people daily. The Google Search Engine presents search ads when searchers use relevant keywords in their query.

Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads (RSA) are search ads that adapt to the device or browser used to view them. This is because of the premise that people view content on different types of devices. When a website displays UI elements poorly, this often causes visitors to click away.

It’s important to optimize your ad so that they look good on any device, and they are comfortable to view.

Responsive search ads require advertisers to send multiple versions of an ad and the system automatically determines the best version to present. You can also consider pairing RSA with smart bidding. This automatically increases your bid when your ads have the best chance of being clicked.

This results in more views, higher click rates, and a greater ROI.

Search ad headlines are crucial in online marketing because they set the tone for your ad’s contents. They help determine whether a potential customer chooses to click on your ad or away from it. The best headlines are ones that give prospects a description of what to expect.

Tips for Writing Effective Search Ad Headlines

If you’re looking for hone your skill in creating a compelling search ad headline, it’s important to keep these tips in mind. They will help you learn the basics and establish good headline-writing habits you can use in other scenarios.

Use Relevant Keywords

Your headlines should contain the keywords you’re targeting with your ad. Without these keywords, the search engine is going to have difficulty issuing a relevant result. This will decrease your ad’s SERP ranking.

It’s also a way to differentiate your ad from those of your competition. Keywords will help your ad stand out and attract more clicks.

You can do this by using your keywords in your headline.

For example: A headline for an ad targeting the keyword “car insurance.”

“The Best Car Insurance Companies for Young Professionals”

Use Attention-Grabbing Search Ad Headlines

Ad headlines are also a way to grab the attention of prospects and to get them to check out your ad. It’s the first and only chance for your ad to make a good impression. Prospects take only a few seconds to decide whether to click an ad or to continue scrolling.

Remember to use power words and to introduce a sense of urgency and benefit. You can learn more about this in detail through our guide on attention-grabbing titles.

Here are some examples you’ll likely use:

  • Don’t miss our sale.
  • Here are some things you should know
  • How to pick the right X

Keep Your Headlines Short and Concise

An unnecessarily lengthy headline will not only intimidate your audience, but will also fail to give them an idea of what you’re offering. Make sure your headline clearly states what you’re offering, and it should be 30 characters-long at most.

Don’t make false promises either, as this will significantly hurt your SERP ranking. Get straight to the point, and consider adding a call to action.

Use Numbers and Symbols in Your Headline

Numbers and symbols are a great way to draw attention from the walls of text that typically crowd SERPs. Numbers are a great way to provide key information without taking up too much space. They are effective ways to attract attention because numbers give a clear picture of what’s on offer.

For example:

“Get 80% off on your first purchase” is better than “get a big discount on your first purchase.”

Use An Active Voice

An active voice isn’t just assertive. It’s also more credible. You can include a call to action in your headline to guide your prospects on the next steps to take. You can use phrases such as:

  • Read our article
  • Try our product
  • Buy our X
  • Sign up to our newsletter
  • Try our new tool
  • View our content

In Summary

Search ads are a way to reach potential customers on the Google platform. They are the most popular form of ad campaigns because they are an easy format to master, and they have automation options.

They are an effective method for increasing traffic to your landing page and for improving conversion rates. Search ads are one of the quintessential tools every marketer must master because they are potent advertising tools.

Remember to follow these key tips and examples. They will help you build good copywriting habits, and they may even help you save a failing marketing campaign. If you liked this guide, feel free to check out our other related guides.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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