Hook in Essay: A Guide on How to Write Hooks with Examples

Academic writing requires a lot of talent. One of the…

Academic writing requires a lot of talent. One of the things you should learn to include mastering how to persuade your readers to review your text thoroughly. In other words, you should practice inserting a hook in essay papers.

Aside from using technical terms and other noteworthy terminologies, your writing should follow guidelines. These parameters allow you to write excellently. Learning about the fundamentals of academic writing will help you write much easier.

This article will teach you to write the best hook in essay outputs. You will learn about its definition as well. Also, you will see some hook examples.

What is a Hook?

In writing a paper, you need to have a captivating first sentence. That first sentence should sell the idea of the paper. 

This part is known as a hook. The purpose of this sentence is to get the reader to read the paper. It is imperative for the writing to make the reader want to discover more about the essay and the discussed topics.

The hook is the paragraph that intrigues the reader enough to want to read to the end of a text.

It should intrigue the reader before reading the body. A hook’s purpose is to grab your reader’s attention.

Writing a hook is not easy, but the process becomes simple with a bit of practice.

3 Things to Remember When Writing A Hook in Essay Outputs

As an academic writer, you must never forget the essence of writing a hook in essay outputs. It is vital to ensure that people will read what you have written.

Are you curious about how to write a hook for your essay? Have you found any answers yet?

Read the short guide below to learn the three things to remember when writing a hook.

1. Persuasive

The number one rule in writing a hook is being persuasive. Since this is the primary purpose of a text’s first sentence, it should serve its purpose.

Have you ever tried fishing and caught a rare catch? You probably have done that because the “bait” on your “hook” is interesting for the fish.

That is the same analogy with writing hooks. You should make it as interesting and persuasive as possible.

You can try to use convincing words or curiosity-triggering words.


Climate activists say that the world will end soon, so we should discuss climate change.

2. Creative

Curious as to how can you make your hook as persuasive as possible? You should try making it creative as well.

Creativity plays a crucial role in convincing your readers to go through your essay. Flowery or interesting words or phrases quickly catch people.

However, you should still remember to remain sounding academic. You can be creative in your play of words but still adhere to technical guidelines.

This tip aims to make you write more than how you and your readers think.


Is it true that the world will face its doom in ten years?

3. Informative

Although you will explain the entirety of your message through the essay’s body, the hook should still be informative.

People get interested in hooks that inform them about the overall message, tone, or opinion of the academic output. They prefer this because it provides them with an overview of what will be tackled by the essay.

You can still use the magic of mysterious introductions. However, it should still shed light on what will be discussed throughout the text.

It also shows how masterfully done your essay appears.


Climate activists claim that the Earth will end in less than a decade due to climate change.

Final Remarks

Writing an essay requires a lot of effort from you. One of the things you should remember when making one is the process of creating hooks. Keep in mind to make it persuasive, creative, and informative.

Frequently asked questions

How do you write a hook in an essay example?

  • Ask your audience an interesting question that will tempt them to think while they are studying your paper.
  • You can create a strong statement like this for an argumentative essay hook.
  • Knowledge is the key component of academic assignments.

What is a good hook sentence?

An assertive statement hook can be a sentence describing your topic. The thesis statement is connected to it and provides an overview of the significance of your essay or paper. You can use a strong statement to show your readers’ agreement or disagreement with your statement.

How do we start an essay?

An opening hook should catch the reader’s attention, in this order: the essay introduction should provide three things:. Background information that the reader should know. A thesis statement is a statement that describes your main point or argument.

How do you quote a hook in an essay?

Can you start a hook with Imagine?

An introduction to an essay should not be based on “imagine.”. Introductions are written so that readers of your work can relate to them.

What is a good opening sentence for an essay?

This is the first sentence of your essay introduction. When you introduce yourself, you should let the reader know why you are interesting. Avoid overly broad statements or long, dense sentences for a good hook. Start off with something simple, concise, and catchy that will draw your reader’s attention.

What is an example of a hook in writing?

The hook is typically the first one or two sentences in an essay or article intended to grab the reader’s attention. Hooking an essay should move your audience and make them want to read further, as a fish does when it gets literally hooked by bait.

How do you write a hook for a college essay?

  • 1st Tip: Narrow your lens. Think small.
  • Start with a First-Person Story, Tip 2. Keep your essay written in first-person.
  • 3: Use your senses. Details attract a reader.
  • Tip 4: Add Adjectives
  • Tip 5: Emotionally Connect

How do you write a good formal essay hook?

  • Use literary quotes
  • Cite a famous person.
  • Missing a misconception
  • Write an anecdote
  • Tell your personal story.
  • Use statistical data
  • Ask a question
  • Describe a fact or definition.

How do you start an introduction in an essay example?

  • Facts that you might not otherwise know. An interesting fact or statement can catch the reader’s attention.
  • Pose a Question
  • Start with an anecdote.
  • Set the Stage
  • Point out your point clearly.
  • Start with something shocking.
  • Use a Statistic
  • Get Personal

How do I start my hook?

  • Here is your title: your first hook.
  • Take your readers to the action.
  • Establish emotional connections
  • Make an unexpected statement.
  • You can ask your readers questions.
  • Be cautious about description.
  • Keep it to your readers until they are hooked.

What are the 6 types of hooks?

  • Anecdotes: An Anekdote (2002)
  • Startling Statement: The Introduction to the Hook. Sometimes a hook can be completely unexpected.
  • My Musing, Hook No. 6.
  • The Shocking Stats of Title 5, Writing Hooks.
Hook in Essay: A Guide on How to Write Hooks with Examples

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