Creative and Powerful Sentence Starters for Essays

It can’t be said enough, first impressions matter. And it goes the same for essays because your starter sentences will be what sets the tone for an entire paragraph or piece. If done right, you can get your essay to have a smooth flow even if you tackle different ideas. Avoid dull sentence starters at all costs. Try out the powerful sentence starters we’ve listed for you instead. These are sure to get a hold of your reader’s attention instantly.

In this article, we will discuss sentence starters and why they are so important. We’ll also break down some great examples to help you get started. Let’s get into it!

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What are Sentence Starters?

Sentence starters can be words or phrases that you can use at the start of a sentence. These are used to introduce a new idea or line of thought. They are usually brief and straightforward.

Think of them as a thread that knits different paragraphs and ideas together into a single coherent essay. They’re also sometimes called lead-ins. The use of sentence starters is very common in academic and technical writing.

The Importance of Using Sentence Starters

Without sentence starters, your essay will feel like a jumble of incoherent thoughts and sentences that do not entirely make sense. Sentence starters should not be all that different from the prompt itself. They should give the reader some sense of what your essay will be about.

They are an easy way of easing the reader into the piece and making things more interesting.

Uses of Sentence Starters

Sentence starters can be used as an intro to your essay. They can also be transitional phrases that lead the reader into the next paragraph.

Here are some of the different uses of sentence starters and examples.

1. As an Introduction

This is a more common use for sentence starters. You may have noticed this type of sentence starter in the introduction of this article. It’s a great way to pull in your reader and get them into the essay, where you can take them through your main points.

  • In this article
  • This paper will discuss
  • We’ll be talking about

2. To Compare or Contrast

Sentence starters are also used to compare or contrast two different ideas. It’s a great way to transition into your argument seamlessly. Here are some starters you can utilize:

  • On the other hand
  • Similarly
  • However
  • In the same manner

3. For Sequencing

When elaborating several concepts in an essay, paragraph, or section of a paper, you need to sequence them. These sentence starters are also helpful for narrating the order of a particular event.

  • Subsequently
  • Afterwards
  • Eventually
  • Later
  • Moving on

4. To Cite Examples

Listing examples in an essay can make your points easier to understand. It adds more weight to your arguments. Using sentence starters to cite examples can help your writing appear more professional and insightful.

  • To help illustrate this
  • For example,
  • We can see this in
  • These examples help support

5. To Make a Conclusion

You want to end your essay and sum up the essence of it. Start with a sentence starter and use it to conclude your sentence or sentence fragment.

  • In conclusion
  • Lastly
  • To sum up
  • In summary
  • Finally
  • Hence
  • To conclude
  • In rounding up

How to Make Creative and Powerful Sentence Starters for Essay Hooks

The first sentence of your essay needs to be compelling and intriguing. This part is also sometimes referred to as the hook. Consider the audience you have in mind — are they academicians or online audience?

Think about how you can make your essay more interesting. If you find yourself stuck, here are some tips to help you out.

1. Start by Asking a Question

Spark their interest with an insightful question that’s relevant to your topic.

  • Did you know that human brains don’t fully develop until age 25?
  • How do people go about finding their style and purpose?
  • Have you noticed that today’s media is largely saturated with selfies?

2. Lead with Facts

Trivial facts are always sure to get an audience hooked and keep them attentive.

  • Glaciers and ice sheets hold 69% of the world’s freshwater.
  • Mount Everest is much bigger now than when it was measured.
  • There is only one land mammal on earth that cannot jump.

3. Use an Anecdote

An anecdote is a story about something you remember happening. It reflects sentiment about a topic, giving the reader a new point of view than the one they had before. If done correctly, anecdotes can be very powerful.

  • Last year I didn’t think I would survive.
  • I can still remember the sound of the sirens and the flashing lights.
  • My first day at school was a nightmare.

4. Voice an Opinion

Opinions can be powerful sentence starters for essays because they allow the reader to start thinking about the discussed issue immediately. When written effectively and in the form of an essay, opinions can lead readers to think about the statement and form their own opinions.

  • Everybody should act on climate change now.
  • All bodies are beautiful.
  • If we don’t change for the better, the world will suffer.

To Wrap Up

With powerful sentence starters, you can engage more effectively with your audience. Not only that, but it makes your essay flow more smoothly, bouncing off from different ideas to create cohesive prose. Try these sentence starters in your next essay and notice the difference.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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