Key Tips for Making the Best Personalized Email Outreach

When it comes to making the best personalized cold emails, targeted personalization and adaptation make all the difference. This is a great method of generating leads for sales. But if you’re unsure where to start, we’ve listed some key tips you can follow.

Making a successful email outreach will take more than just sending a couple of cold emails to your lead. It will require tweaking the copy and targeting your message to the needs of each recipient.

The tips in this article can significantly help you reach your target audience and, ultimately, increase sales and engagement. So keep on reading to level up your cold emails!

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Why Personalization Matters in Cold Emails

Cold emails tend to feel ingenuine and scripted to the recipient. And this will lead them to ignore your email altogether.

But imagine someone you don’t know sending you personalized emails, one that is directly communicating with your pain points. Wouldn’t you be more interested in opening it?

Simply using a personalized subject line can increase your open rates by 22 percent. Personalized emails immediately stand out, and they are far more inviting than typical marketing emails.

Additionally, personalized emails can make the customer experience feel more connected to you. They’ll feel you care about them and are willing to help with their needs.

Which Email Elements Can You Personalize?

There are plenty of elements that you can personalize in your email. The opening line, for example, can be designed to motivate the prospect to read further.

An effective email should be catchy and, of course, personal. Since most readers skim their emails, the first line should be captivating enough to grab their attention.

You can personalize the following elements as well:

  • Email Body 
  • Call-To-Action (CTA) 
  • Subject Line

Key Tips to Make the Best Personalized Cold Emails

These tips will help you make personal customer connections to reel in new clients, drive traffic and make a name for your business. They will help you write the best personalized cold emails to maximize your chances of a reply.

Use the Name of the Prospect.

Personalizing your cold email with the prospect’s name is a fundamental and straightforward technique. But why does this strategy work most of the time?

Well, the explanation lies in the fact that whenever we hear or see our name, a chemical reaction occurs in our brains. But let’s not delve too much into the science of that.

The point is that your recipient is more likely to pay attention to what you are saying when they see their name. And your goal is to get to the prospect’s attention!

Imagine you are in a cluttered inbox, and you see a single email with your name in the subject line. It will feel more natural to click it to see what it says.

Base the Email on the Lead’s Personas

You can research to build a buyer persona that demonstrates a customer you want to target. Buyer personas describe what makes an ideal customer, their pain points, and how they make buying decisions. You can have more than one buyer persona in a business.

Start by grouping prospects with similar company sizes, job profiles, challenges, and needs. You can then write personalized emails that each group will find relevant. This will allow you to send personalized emails faster and at a greater scale.

Personalize the Email Based on Their Interests

If you personalize your emails by mentioning topics the prospect may be interested in, you will more likely get them to respond.

You can use social media channels to find out the prospect’s interests and hobbies. But you don’t need to go full-on stalker mode! You can find out what they like by simply looking at their posts and comments.

When you mention what the prospect likes, it shows you took the initiative to get to know them before reaching out. And you will be sure to leave an excellent first impression.

Mention Mutual Connections

This is another great way to get the attention of a prospect. By mentioning a mutual connection, you’ll establish yourself as someone they can trust and not just some stranger on the internet. The cold email will then start to warm.

Finding a mutual connection for every one of your leads is far from easy. Here are some ways that may be able to help you out:

  • Use the power of social media. A basic search on popular social media platforms can help you find a mutual link that you can add to your cold email. 
  • Check where they live or the school they attended. You can usually find this data on their LinkedIn profiles. You might be an alumnus of the same school or a resident of the same city. This will give you a base for your conversation with them.
  • Get to know where they work. You might know someone from the company they work in. Leverage that connection in your cold email.

Using Highly-Specific Pain Points to Personalize

You must pay attention to the challenges of the prospect’s company and offer an appropriate solution.

Explain why you’re reaching out to them and why you have shown an interest in their organization in your email. Afterward, address their problems and convince them you have a solution that works.

You can use social proof to strengthen the validity of your statements. Remember not to spend too much time discussing the features of your offer. The focus must be on their prospects and how your solution can help them.

This personalization tactic requires in-depth research, and every message must be tailored accordingly. This doesn’t make it ideal for a wide email outreach. But you can still use this tactic for a few big clients you want to target.

Wrapping Up

Personalized cold emails are the foundation of effective email outreach. They create a great opportunity to reach out to potential leads and introduce your product.

Personalizing emails will make your prospect feel more connected to you and your company. Try following these key tips to help you make the best personalized cold emails and win yourself some great leads!

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